Tori's POV

I slowly walked up the stairs, leading to Michaela's room. She had stormed up there about 5 minutes ago, and I felt compelled to comfort her. I stood in front of her door, my forehead resting against it as I heard sobbing from the inside.

"Michaela?" I whispered, knocking ever so softly.


"Can I come in?"

"Who is it?"

I rolled my eyes, but whispered again, "Tori....."

"Tori who?"

I laughed, "How many Tori's do you know?" I heard a small bit of laughter from the other side of the door. "Well, if you spelled it with a y or ie-"

"DON'T even go there," I chuckled, before hearing the door unlock and quickly moving away so I wouldn't fell in.

Michaela stood there, wearing a pair of baggy pajama pants and pink tanktop. Her eyes were puffy and red, and tears were still rolling down her high cheekbones. She grabbed my arm, pulling me into the room.

I turned to her, and asked, "What happened?" Then she explained the whole thing with Tage. "And..and now he must hate me..." She looked down, tears sparkling in her eyes and felling out.

I sighed, "Michaela....Tage loves you, he can't hate you, you two have been through a lot together. You guys are the perfect couple; you can't let something like this stop you from loving him. So Cody broke you up? So Tage saw you being kissed by Cody? So what? When...If we make it back to camp, you need to explain everything to him and confess your undying love to him, okay? He STILL loves you and I know it."

Michaela looked up at me with a shocked face, "Tori....that was..that was the most deep and caring thing I've ever heard you say." She smiled brightly, hugging me tight.

I smiled, "Hey, what can I say? I'm just awesome like that." Michaela smirked, "Totally."

The door slammed open right then, and Ben ran in, panting, " guys..need to come downstairs, RIGHT NOW."

"Why?" Michaela asked, snapping her fingers, insisting turning her hair straight and with her normal pink streak in it, her eyes clear and with eyeliner and eye shadow, and her face covered lightly in makeup.

Ben stared at us, still breathless, "Just come down here, NOW. Clarisse...Clarisse needs to talk to us ALL."

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