1. Tell Chiron he belongs in the stables
  2. Star him in "my little pony"
  3. Call Charon "Chiron" repeatedly
  4. Bonus if you tell him he looks like a centaur
  5. More if you burn his Italian suits
  6. Burn the stawberry field in Camp Halfblood
  7. Kill all the Camp Half Blood harpies
  8. Do a bombing raid on Camp Halfblood
  9. Vandalize Camp Halfblood
  10. Bonus if you do 7 or 8 to Camp Jupiter
  11. Change the Camp Halfblood orientation film to the movie "Scream"
  12. Bonus points if you make the Spongebob Squarepants Movie
  13. More if you make it an episode of power rangers
  14. Even more if you make it an episode or Barney (Sesame Street works too)
  15. INFINITE if you make it an episode of telletubbies
  16. Tell Zeus "the sky's the limit!"
  17. Resurrect Voldemort and tell Hades you brought him a new friend
  18. Tell Hades to go to h*ll
  19. Remind him he already is in h*ll
  20. Tell Hades to socialize
  21. Lecture Kronos about why lying is wrong
  22. Tell Ares "violence is not the answer!"
  23. Tell Geyron that his name says it all
  24. Host a family reunion for the Gods, Titans, Giants, Gaea, demigods, monsters etc.
  25. Ask the hydra if two heads are better than one.
  26. Make Zeus, Hades, Poseidon and Kronos have a family picnic
  27. Cut down Hyperion's tree
  28. Free all the Titans
  29. Do a bombing raid on Olympus
  30. Redecorate the Underworld
  31. Tell Atlas all he has to do to get free is drop the sky and teleport away before it crushes him
  32. Bonus points if you make sure all the demigods are in the vicinity when he drops it
  33. Ask Gaea why she's such a perv
  34. Introduce Mr. D to drugs
  35. Bonus if he starts a drug cartel
  36. Even more if he becomes a wanted man
  37. MOST if he gets arrested
  38. Make Mr. D start an exersize program
  39. Bonus if its nutri-system
  40. Even more if he can beat up Ares
  41. Call Artemis "Virgin Mary"
  42. Tell Athena your smarter than her
  43. Star Athena in "Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader"
  44. Trick the maiden godesses into breaking their vows
  45. Wake up Gaea
  46. Release Typhon
  47. Release all Fields of Punishment souls
  48. Give Aphrodite a clow makeover
  49. Kick all the gods' throne
  50. Kidnap all the pegasi
  51. Tell Hades that Persephone faded

Need more ideas! Additions Welcome.

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