Inspired by the 50 ways series! I present the 100 Ways series! Sparrowsong rocks!! Please note that many of these will be works in progress. Feel free to add.#

  1. Tell him Rhea cheated on him
  1. Ask him how his kids tasted
  2. Tell him he sucks in battle
  3. Resurrect Ouranos
  4. Tell him Gaea abandoned him and had the giants
  5. Tell him Porphyrion said he's better than him
  6. Bonus points if you tell Porphyrion the opposite
  7. More if they fight
  8. Even more if they duke it out on live Hepheastus TV
  9. MOST if they make each other fade
  10. Tell him time is an illusion
  11. Bonus if he fades
  12. Redecorate Mount Othyrs with flowers and ribbons
  13. Celebrate the day the First Titan War ended
  14. Bonus if you make a movie about it
  15. More if Justin Beiber acts as Kronos
  16. Even more if Kronos begs for mercy at the end
  17. Googloplex if the Ophiatorus mocks him at the end
  18. INFINITE if you do 15-18 and premiere the movie on live Hepheastus TV
  19. Tell him Zeus is better than him
  20. Tell him Rhea is too good for him
  21. Tell him Rhea faded because he was so ugly
  22. Tell him Zeus and Rhea had kids
  23. Tell him Aphrodite and Rhea had kids
  24. Tell him Artemis and Rhea had kids
  25. Lecture him that lying is wrong
  26. Break his scythe
  27. Take away his time powers and laugh when he tries to use them
  28. Tell him he'll have to stay in Luke's body forever
  29. Kill Luke

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