"MOM!" Men were taking her away, dragging her towards a ship.

"PANDORA! STAY THERE! I WILL FIND YOU! DON'T WORRY! I'LL FIND YOU! REMEMBER THE OCEAN, PANDORA, THE OCEAN!" I hopped on to Wave, my loyal horse, but Atreo tried to stop me.

"DON'T LEAVE ME! MOM!" She was going to speak, but one of the men clapped his hand over her mouth. They dragged her on the ship, heading towards Rome. I sat on the ground and cried. She was the only family I had left. I hated Rome. I could probably wreck that ship if I wanted to, but then my mother would be killed along with the rest of the crew. I wiped my runny nose on my arm and stood up. I got out my water pouch and got my bow made of water. I got an arrow and shot it towards the ship. It landed with a PLUNK! in the hull. I turned around and walked away, Atreo trailing behind me. I put my bow back. I clutched my necklace, which turned into a sword called Riptide, and tore it off my neck. I looked at myself in the blue jewel and saw a face that looked nothing like my own. The girl in there looked lost, confused, scared. I put the necklace in my satchel and then I woke up. I had that nightmare every night. It happened last week. Now Atreo and I were wandering Greece, sticking to the coast, because that's where I was strongest. My father was Posiedon. Atreo's was Zues. We were cousins, but we just met eachother a month ago. He looked out for me, but got annoyed by my cheerfulness. He was always so glum and serious, while I liked having fun. I looked over at him, still sleeping, and went back to bed. I had a different dream this time. I was in an underwater palace, in the throne room. There was a man that looked like me in the throne.

"Pandora, my daughter."

"Lord Posiedon. It is an honor." Hey, even if I was adventerous, I still had manners, and I knew how to not get fried to a crisp.

"I have important news about your mother. She is still alive, and she has just arrived in Rome. She has been employed by a wealthy family that will treat her well. I paid them a visit myself. Romans don't like me, but they still fear me. They are letting her write letters to you, and they will be taking her on their little trips to Egypt." Then thunder rumbled in the distance. "I must go my daughter. Zues is calling an Olympian meeting. Farewell, dear."

"Goodbye, Father."

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