Pandora's POV

I still didn't trust those two. I mean, come on! One of them was the son of Kronos, the Titan we were trying to keep from destroying the world! But I had to trust Atreo. I put my necklace around my neck, but I kept my hand on my waterpouch. We headed to Athens, and arrived there by mid-afternoon. We headed to the bay, where my father said to go. He said he would meet us there. When we got there, there was a man standing there. "Hello, Pandora, Atreo. Who are these two?"

"This is Clark and Josh. The sons of Kronos and Hyperion." My father got an angry look on his face whrn I said Kronos. "It's okay, Father. Clark is a good guy. He won't hurt us. I made sure of that." I noticed Clark rubbing his throat. Then he spoke up.

"So you're Posiedon?"

"Yes I am. And you're from a different part of history."

"What?" That hit me in the face like somebody slapped it.. I knew they weren't from around here, but I just thought it was Asia Minor or something. Not a different time! "time travel isn't possible."

"It is if you're a son of the Lord of Time."

"Whatever. Well, what did you need to talk to us about?"

"You must travel to Olympus. We Olympians have something for you. And Atreo, you might even find out who your father is."


"Yes. Well, we need you there in one week. Good luck. You should take sea for the first part, and them go inland. You do have a boat, no?"

"We have one, but it's only for two people. We can't bring them with, then." I gestured to Clark and Josh.

"Yes, you can." He reached towards the sea and there was a ship.

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