Pandora's POV

I was below deck, cooking a meal, as it was almost suppertime. But then the boat rocked so hard, all of us flew off our feet. Atreo and I ran to the top deck. There was a long, scaly body curving around the hull of our ship. Atreo got out his sword and I got out my bow and arrows. I shot arrow after arrow at it, but they just bounced off the serpent's think hide. Then I saw someone riding its back. He looked like my father... but older. It had to be a Titan. The only possibility would be Oceanus. The Titan of the sea. He was always fighting my father for rule of the ocean around this part. I tried using my powers againts him, but he just swiped them away. I tried calling a shark or whale to help us, but there weren't any near. We were hopeless. The serpent brought its head up and around the top of the ship. I got out Riptide and Atreo charged the serpents head. He stabbed it through the eye and the monster howled in pain. I cut off one of its ears and it retreated back into the depths of the ocean. "Guys, I think we should go to land now."

"That would probably be a good idea."

"Hold on tight." I willed the waves to go as fast as possible and even though we wer about five miles from shore, we got there in about a minute. That really drained me, though. I collapsed into a dreamless sleep.

When I woke up, I was laying below deck on a bed. I got up and headed above. Atreo was standing there, but Clark and Josh were on the beach. "What are they doing out there?"

"They got seasick. The waves just stopped moving us when you collapsed. They almost threw up on here."

"Ew." I went back down to where we had Wave. I brought her up and brought her down the gangplank. I hopped on her back and rode up and down the waves. This beach looked like the one where I found Atreo. I was riding Wave on the beach when I saw him in the waves. I willed the waves to bring him in and got the water out of his lungs. I dragged him onto Wave and brought him to my mother. She nursed him back to health and he started working in the village to pay off debt. He helped the farmers harvest their crops and the grape farmers squeeze the grapes to make wine and other things. Then my mother was taken and he wouldn't leave my side. But I had a feeling he likes me more than a friend. I headed back to the ship and brought Wave to where we keep her. Clark and Josh came back on ship and I willed the waves to move us.

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