Josh's P.O.V

Travelling by Sea in this time period is not my thing at all. I already got seasick once, almost threw up on the boat. Now, we're going to ride the boat again. Onward to Rome!

It was night time, and at this time clocks are not invented yet, but I could tell it's somewhere about 20:00 in here. I was getting a little Nyctophobic, so I illuminated my right hand in a ball of light, so I wouldn't feel that the world is so dark anymore.

Anyways, Pandora continued to command the waves to sail towards new rome. I retreated to the lower deck as the ship rocked according to the rhythm of the waves. I could almost feel the rhythm beat on each wave, like a music. I went to check on Clark, and he appears to be huddling himself in a corner. I approached him.

"Are you okay?" I asked him. Clark didn't say anything.

I approached him. "Is there anything that you want to tell me?" I asked him. Clark started to open his mouth, and I could feel guilt building up inside him.

"First of all..." Clark began. "I... I'm sorry that I get you to this time period. It's just that I wanted to test out the new time travelling ability that my father gave me."

I continued to look at him.

"I didn't intend to make you go through this quest...." Clark apologized, and I could tell that his eyes began to pool tears.

I put my arms around him. "Hey Clark, it's okay." I told him. "As one of your ancestors, I..."

"How do you know you're my ancestors?" Clark asked.

"Well, you've paid me a visit when you're a child." I said, remembering Clark's cute face when he was a little boy when he visited me. "You're so cute! I really wished that you could stay! But... you have to go back to your own timeline..."

"Well, that's alright." Clark said. I scooted over to Clark more that I eventually sat on his lap. I concentrated a little more as there is an orb of light forming in my hand. I then opened my palms and put it on Clark.

After I gave the orb of light to Clark, I proceeded upstairs to check what Pandora and Atreo is up to. I willed my palms to light a faint glow of light, and slowly walked upstairs.

After I reached the top deck, I scanned the open ocean, where there is no land visible. The sea was pitch black, especially when the sun is out. I was beginning to think that the sea in this time period is a hostile place, especially after Oceanus attacked.

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