Atreo POV

I stared down at the sea from the very front of the ship, i sat on the railings just next to the figurehead and looked out at the stars.....there were so many.

I felt someone tap my shoulder and i turned to see Pandora, she looked like she just woke up "Atreo? why are you still awake?" She said, rubbing her eyes...even half-asleep she was beautiful. "I was just looking at the stars....wondering" She looked at me, confused "Wondering about what?" "Well....about what will happen when we reach Rome, i mean how will we find Olympus? What will the gods do when we get there?"

Pandora patted me on the shoulder "We are all working towards the same stop Kronos from rising" I sighed "Do you you think we can stop him?" She looked at me, worry in her eyes "You've never been like this before...your so cool and confident all the time" "Thats because....i've had you all this time but....what if something happens to you! I can fight off monsters and bandits but.....the Titan of Time....i don't know"

I was surprised about what happened next, she wrapped her arms around me, giving me a hug.

I was so surprised i nearly fell off the railings into the sea but i kept myself balanced, i hugged her back, hesitating....she was so warm....why did i feel this way?

She pulled back a second later "I won't leave Atreo, i won't break your vow to protect me" I stared at her "But....i failed your mother, i couldn't save her...." "She's fine Atreo....and i bet she forgives you" I smiled at her...why was it that she always cheered me up...

I suddenly felt my heart, a warm, pleasent sensation moved from my heart to the rest of my body and i felt.....great!

The next second i knew i was leaning forward and the next second my lips were pressing against hers before i even relised what i had done.

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