Atreo POV

"Isn't it obvious? You three take the earwax, i'll face the Sirens" I said "What?! Atreo no!" They all said in unison.

"I have to...i'm the protector" I moved towards the main mast and put my back against it, i pulled my sword out of my sheath and threw it away "Tie me up" I said calmly.

Josh was reluctant but he eventually rapped about three, long ropes around me and tied it tight, he then pushed the earwax into his ears and walked over to Pandora and Clark.

I waited, i looked out to sea, rocky islands passed us by but then suddenly.....i saw something.

On one of the rocky islands was a city, a huge city with huge stone walls and ontop of the walls were loads of people, calling me....cheering me...

It was my was Troy.

I struggled to get out of the ropes but they were to tight, i looked at Pandora "Let me out! They're there! Its my home!" She tried not to look at me and kept the ship steady.

"Please!! Let me out!! They're waiting for me!!! They're all alive!!!" I struggled at the ropes, ending up thrashing around, trying to snap the ropes with my strength....but it was impossible.

I tried reaching for my sword with my foot but it was too far away and i was forced to suffer as we passed the rocky island and my Dream Troy.

I shouted and screamed "I HATE YOU!" And kept struggling until suddenly i felt really tired and......upset, I started to cry, my tears falling onto the deck as Josh came towards me, his earplugs out and he cut me free with his sword.

I collapsed onto my knees, crying harder, Pandora came over and patted me on the back then helped me to my feet "Its ok Atreo....the sirens show you what you want most in the want it so bad you suffer" I stared at the ground.

Would i ever be the same after this?

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