Pandora's POV

"Atreo, it wasn't real. They wanted to show you what you wanted most in the world: to go back to Troy." I thought about the war, and it was hard to imagine that it all started with a beauty contest between Aphrodite, Hera, and Athena. A stupid beauty contest destroyed thousands of people. I shook the thought out of my head and turned back to Atreo. "I think you need some rest." I helped him up and brought him under deck to rest.

My lady, are we almost there? The voice surprised me at first, but than I remember iole.

We're right by Mt. Ossa. We'll be at Mt. Olympus by sundown.

That's good, is it not?

It's very good. I looked over the side and saw the little blue whale. How are you doing, Iole?

Very good, my lady.

You don't need to call me my lady. You can call me Pandora.

Okay, my- Pandora. I like traveling with you, but those Sirens were a little scary, even though they can't harm animals.

They don't harm animals? Great, I could have turned into a dolphin or something and then the boys could have had the waxes.

I'm sorry I didn't tell you earlier, I was too scared to speak. I would have been so scared you couldn't tell what I was saying.

Nice. Well, it's nice to know for down the road.

What road?

It's a saying. It means later in my life.

I get it know. Like how I needed to learn how to catch food for down the road.

You got it! Well, I'm kinda hungry. I'm going to go coo-

"Guys! There's Olympus!" Clark shouted. I headed over to where he was and there it was.

Mount Olympus.

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