Pandora's POV

I doubted I could hold off a wave that two gods cause. We ran up Mt. Olympus. When we arrived at the top, it was a grand city. Every building was pure white marble, with grand pillars and high ceilings. There were gods and goddesses everywhere, because minor gods lived there if they weren't gods the dead and things like that, or gods of rivers and things. We walked to the top of the city where the grandest temple sat. We went inside and a wind spirit led us to the throne room. Sitting there was Zues, king of the gods himself. "Lord Zues, it is an honor."

"Hello, children. I hear Kronos is rising, and you, Pandora, have to defeat him. I have important news that will help you. Do you want to hear it?"

"Yes, Uncle."

"Kronos is weak. It will still be hard, but it will be easier than if he had full power. Beware of his scythe, it will sever your soul from your body. But this will help you the most: Kronos becomes weaker in water. It will make you stronger. That is all I can tell you. Josh Mclean, son of Hyperion. You will play a big role in this, but I am forbiden to tell you what. Clark, you have the same fate, and I am not allowed to tell you either. Now, Atreo. My brother said you might find out who your real father was. Well, I'll tell you. He's Alastor, Avenger of Evil Deeds."

We had left Olympus shortly after that. We walked far from the beach, as the tsunami still hadn't come. We knew it would. I got Wave from the boat and hopped on her back. Atreo had a...Well, he looked really serious. And angry. "Atreo, are you okay? I thought you would be happy about finding out who your father was."

"I'm happy, but I know who Alastor is. He's not even in history anymore. He's a epithet of Zues. There's even a temple to Zues Alastor outside Thasos. But nobody even knows who he is."

"We know who he is. isn't that good enough?"

"I guess. But still, I've seen the temple before, and it's covered with cobwebs and mold."

"Just stop thinking about it Atreo. it's too painful."

"You say that about a lot of things, don't you?"

"Well, there are a lot of painful things in the world. Just have to know what they are."

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