Pandora's POV

I poured a dose of nectar in Josh's mouth. Then the boat shook with a great might. I ran to the deck and iin the waves was a giant serpent.

"What is that thing?" Atreo said.

"I'm going to find out." I dove into the water and got a better look at the serpent. It had four legs and a blue star in the middle of its forhead. It was all white, with a long tail and tendrels coming from the star. I jumped onto it's back and grabbed the tendrals. "It's okay, boy. Calm down." I noticed a cut on the side of its body, about 6 inches long. I swam to its side and used the water to heal it. It calmed down and shrunk gradually. After it was done shrinking, it was about two feet long and had a little pair of wings i didn't notice when it was larger. It wrapped around me like it was hugging me. It wrapped itself around the arm and i swam back to the surface. I used the water to land back on the ship. "It's okay, guys. It was just this little guy."

"That puny thing?" Clark reached towards it but the serpent growled and bared its teeth. Then he backed away. "Are you going to keep him?"

"Yup. He likes me." I still had to decide a name. I looked it over and then thought of the perfect name. "Radiant!" Radian snuggled up against me. He liked the name. Then the boat lurched again. I dove under the water, Radiant on my arm. I swam near the hull, as i didn't see anything but Iole swimming around, but she was too small to do that. Then i saw a huge hole in the hull. "Oh no." I swam back to the surface and climbed onto the deck. "Guys, we have to get off the ship! The boat is sinking!"

"What? How can we do that?! We're too far from shore!" Josh yelled. He must have awoken while i finding the hole. Then I remembered how big Radiant was before i helped him. I looked at him and he seemed to sense what we needed. Before we knew it, he was twenty feet long. I hopped on his back.

"Get on! We need to go!" They got on and Radiant flew into the air, using his beautiful wings. Then I remembered something. "WAVE!!!!!!!!!!!" I looked at the sinking ship, and saw Wave on the deck. He reared up and then jumped off the deck into the sea. He started swimming towards shore, which was one mile away. I turned away. I knew Wave would make it to shore, for he was created by Posiedon. Radiant kept flying, going north towards Rome.

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