Clark's P.O.V

I was experimenting with time travel when I ended up in this time period.

I was transported to Camp Half-Blood when I experimented, and I was jolted back around 310 years back, right inside Hyperion's cabin.

Josh McLean, one of my ancestors, is apparently taking a bath, and when he saw me, he gasped.

I was about to time travel again, and this time to the future. But Josh had grabbed me so he was transported too. But it turns out that we weren't transported into the future. We were transported about 2000 years ago, the time where the Trojan war started.

I looked at Josh. I realized that Josh is still fully naked, except his underwear. Josh automatically covers his body.

"Where are we?" Josh yelled at me. "I hadn't had my clothes on for gods sake!"

"Sorry." I told him. "It's just that...." That's when I realized that this is Greece, where the trojan war will be taking place. I tried to focus, time travelling back to the future, but it seems that I have to wait a few more days in order to do another time travel.

"So, what do we do?" Josh asked.

"Maybe I know what we could do." A voice said behind us.

With reflex, Josh covered his whole body with his hands and legs. I looked behind me, and saw a girl with auburn hair and brown eyes. She is wearing a greek dress and she looks absolutely beautiful. Her long hair is flowing freely behind her, which makes people swoon. I guess she also wear a little too much perfume. I silently bowed.

Josh kept his body covered, and the girl offered him some clothes. Josh took it and abruptly wear it, and after he wear it, he sighed. "Phew, I thought that I would stay naked during the whole trip. Thanks." Josh offered his hand.

The girl accepted his hand. "Your welcome. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Helen."

Perhaps it was our lucky day. From what I heard, we met with the most beautiful women in greece.


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