Atreo POV

I followed Pandora as we came to a block on the surf, three huge boulders "Looks like we'll have to go back and take that path threw the forest to get to the other side" I said as Pandora dismounted from Wave.

"Fine...but i don't feel good moving that far away from the ocean" I held her hand "Don't worry, i'm here, i won't let anything happen" She smiled at me then ran over to Wave and mounted "Ok! lets go!" She then galloped towards the path threw the woods.

I ran after her and she smiled at me, i then followed her as she slowly walked onto the path on Wave.

I looked around, the woods were dark because the sun couldn't get threw the trees, I watched as Pandora smiled all the way threw the could she be so happy when it was almost dark?

Suddenly one of the bushes gave a rustle and Wave fell onto the floor, whining in pain as a arrow protruded from his leg.

I caught Pandora as someone ran threw the bushes, three burly men in tunics with bows in there hands "Give us all your money and valubles!" I looked at Pandora and found her unconscious, i put her down and drew my sword.

The man on the right drew his sword "Give us your money boy!" I lashed out at him with my sword and he fell like a stone, the others drew there swords and charged at me.

I blocked each one of their blows and slashed at them, either tearing threw they're chests or necks...months of training flooded back to me as i held my sword, blocks, thrusts and slashes.....everything came back till when the trance disappeared the two other guys were on the floor dead, blood soaking threw their tunics.

I walked over to Pandora and pulled her into my arms and placed her on a soft patch of grass and then walked over to Wave, who is also uncoinscoius.

I pulled the arrow out of her leg and pulled a bottle of nectar from my bag and covered the wound in it, healing it, I then turned back to Pandora and wrapped a blanket around her to keep her warm.

I then pulled the bodys of the bandits away and got to work on dinner.

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