Josh's P.O.V

The worse thing that can happen when you are stranded is being stranded 2 thousands years back in time, where the Trojan war took place.

Worse of all, Clark is sensing that his father in this time period is rising. Of course Kronos doesn't know that my apparent descendant, Clark, to be his son in this time period.

"So, what do we do now?" I asked Clark.

Right after I was given clothes by Helen, Helen took us to her house secretly. Now, since Helen doesn't want trouble with her parents, she decided to put us outside. Now, we're wondering on our own.

"I remember this era." I said trying to recount what happened. "Let's go to Athens, who knows that we can seek shelter there."

"No." Clark said, sensing danger. "My father is going to rise in Athens, and when he does, he will rewrite history. Our timeline, will never exist."

"We'll also rewrite history if we interfere in the battle." I reminded him. "So let's..."

Just then, I heard a whizzing of an arrow past my ear. I looked back and found a scythian Dracaenae, accompanied by a Chimera and a Lernaean Hydra.

Apparently, monsters in the Ancient Greece are more fierce than the ones in our era. They charged at us with amazing speed. We both drew our swords and allowed the monsters to approach. Clark gripped his caduceus like dagger tightly on his right hand, stepped forward with his right leg and stabbed the dracaenae with his dagger. The dracaenae hollered in pain, and Clark pulled the blade and he stabbed another in the Dracaenae's chest. The dracaenae didn't seem to disintegrate. It just died. Perhaps the monsters here have much difference than the ones in our era. Monsters in here don't disintegrate immediately.

Apparently, it wasn't true. The dracaenae disintegrated after some time. The other monsters charged. We positioned ourselves in a fighting stance. As the monsters approached us, we fend the monsters quite easily, if it weren't for the Chimera, that is breathing fire.

Suddenly, the Chimera stopped in its tracks, and suddenly fled. Wow, what a typical monster to flee. Its master is probably calling for them.

Just then, I saw a girl and a boy coming towards our direction. The girl had red/brown hair and pale blue eyes. The boy had black hair and blue eyes. I glanced towards his left cheek and there are 3 scars under his left cheek.

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