This is the video game based off of 2,000 Years Ago.

Playable Characters

Pandora- daughter of Posiedon, can control the sea

Atreo- son of an unknown god, good with swords

Josh McLean- son of Hyperion, uses flares and longsword

Clark McLean- son of Kronos, can freeze time


Wii- You use the controler and numchuck to control your character

DS- You use the buttons to attack and the touch screen to move

X-Box 360- You use the remote to walk and attack


Story one- The taking of Bellone and the first chapter.

Story two- chapters two and three

Story three- chapter four and five

Story four- chapter six and seven

Story five-chapters eight and nine

Story six- chapters ten and eleven

Story seven- chapters twelve and thirteen

Story eight- chapters fourteen and fifteen

Story nine- chapters sixteen and seventeen

Story ten- chapters eighteen and nineteen

Story eleven- chapters twenty and twenty-one

And more to come...


Oceanus- you must fight him and his serpent in Story Seven

Kronos- the ultimate boss

Bandits- you must fight them in Story Three

And many more to come as more of the story is written....

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