1. Tell him that Nico hates him.Samianthaan/Hula/Annie αστέρι
  2. Kill Nico Samianthaan/Hula/Annie αστέρι
  3. Beat him at a battle (like that will ever happen) Samianthaan/Hula/Annie αστέρι
  4. Dont show any respect to him Warboss95
  5. question him Warboss95
  6. mock him Warboss95
  7. question the gods Warboss95
  8. DARY. AceTrainer
  9. Paint his throne room bright yellow with flowers and butterflies. Κόρη του Ερμής Χριστιανόςღ
  10. Wake him up by saying "HEY! Persephone is leaving you and Minthe is alive!" Band geeks, UNITE!!!!! (A/N: Minthe was one of his flirts and Persephone trampled her into the ground. a new plant, mint, grew where persephone smashed her)
  11. Bonus points if you tell Persophone Hades is looking for her.
  12. Talk about when Percy beat him.
  13. Say Persophone cheated on him (so she's aloud to see other people and Hades isn't.
  14. Tell him Percy hit Nico.
  15. Tell him Nico is dating Thalia Samianthaan/Hula/Annie αστέρι
  16. Tell Zeus that he started a war and make Zeus fight in the war then kill so many people that the underword overflow.
  17. Ask him to talk about his childhood.
  18. Bonus points if you say "Well mine ROCKED!!!" really loud really close to his face.
  19. Call him emo. Band geeks, UNITE!!!!!!
  20. Dress him up with a pink frilled dress with ribbons& apply some make up on his face when he's asleep. Rose
  21. Bonus points if you do #9 at the same time
  22. Extra bonus points if you say something like wake up, Princess Girlypants Band geeks, UNITE♫♪♫!!!!!! Save the Interrobang‽
  23. Mention Maria. I CAN DEFEAT ARMIES WITH A stick......!!!!!!!!
  24. Bonus points if you mention her OVER AND OVER AGAIN. I CAN DEFEAT ARMIES WITH A stick......!!!!!!!!
  25. Extra bonus points if you make a song and a poem about her and make Charon read it over and over and over again. Then, Charon will forget the dead in the River Styx, waiting for him to give them a ride and the dead would be overflowing at the entrance of the Underworld. Hyugabyakugan12

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