2011 - 50 Ways To Annoy Annabeth has been nominated for the 2011 TEA!!!

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Chapter 1

This is kinda like 50 Ways To Annoy Hermes, only with Annabeth. Put your suggestions here!:

  1. Talk about Luke.
  2. Tell her she loves Luke. (she'd probably kill you)
  3. Beat her at something.
  4. Send her a fake invitation to the Fourth of July fireworks from Percy. When she arrives, tell her that Percy is taking Rachel
  5. Fall in love with Percy, then make it obvious that you're in love with him.
  6. Be smarter than her.
  7. Tell her that Percy left her for Rachel, then after day tell her that Percy got Rachel pregnant.
  8. Tell her about a piece of architechture she does not know about.
  9. Tell her that her dad crashed his plane.
  10. Steal her books.
  11. (This one only works before the 4th book) Trick her into thinking she got her own quest.
  12. Spin in circles around her singing Percy and Rachel sitting in a tree k-i-s-s-i-n-g first comes love then comes marriage then comes little Rachel in a baby carriage.
  13. Say that Thalia had an ugly baby and they named it after her.
  14. Tell her that her mom fell in Lethe and is stupid.
  15. Say that results from her doctor's appointment says that she will die.
  16. Kiss her. (Bonus points if you are a girl, extra bonus points if you're rachel)
  17. Steal Daedelus's her laptop and delete all the files.
  18. Burn down Cabin 6.
  19. Touch her stuff.
  20. Steal her yankees hat and taunt her all day, while wearing the hat, saying "You can't find me!"
  21. Say, "Nico's gonna marry you!"
  22. Shave her head in the night and steal anything she might do to cover it. Then tell her Percy shaved her head.
  23. Tell her Percy jumped off a cliff because she was so ugly.
  24. Strap her to a chair and play a recording of Rachel's voice (even better if Rachel is in person)
  25. Tell her Percy went to the Titan's side.
  26. Tell her that Percy left her for Calypso.
  27. Tell her Athena killed Percy.
  28. Show her a painting that Rachel made of Rachel killing Annabeth.
  29. Tell her you think Percy and Rachel make an awesome couple.
  30. Show her a painting of Rachel making out with Percy.
  31. Tell her Luke wants to make out with her.
  32. Tell her that Thalia turned back into a pine tree.
  33. Call her mom a moron.
  34. Show her a painting of Calypso making out with Percy.
  35. Paint her bunk red when it's "that time of month".
  36. Tell her that Percy abandoned her for Thalia.
  37. Tell her that Percy abandoned her for Bianca.
  38. Tell her Percy abandoned her for Luke.
  39. Set her up on a blind date with Tyson.
  40. Show a picture that Rachel painted of Percy kissing luke.
  41. Tell her Percy abandened her for Clarisse.
  42. Tell her Percy abandoned her for Malcolm.
  43. Tell her Luke came back and is helping the titans.
  44. Tell her Luke came back and Athena killed him.
  45. Tell her Luke came back and all the campers killed him.
  46. Tell her that Luke went to the Fields of Punishment.
  47. Tell her that Percy died and went to the Fields of Punishment.
  48. Tell her that her mom faded.
  49. Jump on her back, in a piggy back, while shouting that she and her mom are stupid.
  50. Tell her something she doesn't know, then brag and say you know more than Annabeth. Watch as she started to turn red from the ange
  • Super Special 1: Catch her with her pants down.
  • Super Special 2: Tell her who gave Percy that special plant in his windowbox.
  • Super Special 3: Tell her a dumb blonde joke.
  • Super Special 4: Steal a positive pregnincy test from the Aphrodite cabin, give it to Percy, and say that you found under Annabeth's pillow.
  • Super special 5: Tell her that some stupid author is trying to write about her. She'll come read this, get pissed, and... Yeah, that should do it.
  • Super Special 6:Steal her books and burn them,then say Percy and Luke did it.
  • Super Special 7:Take all her and the rest of the camp's bug spray,then put 75 spiders under her bed while she's asleep.
  • Super Special 8: Tell her Percy got Calypso, AND Rachel pregnant.
  • SUPER DUPER SPECIAL: Tell all the campers to ignore her as if she is invisible, then tell everyone ( make shure she is listening ) to burn her burial shroud.