You know what to do. Toa11 14:51, May 28, 2010 (UTC)

Chapter 1

  1. Tell him he's emo.
  2. Tell him he's goth.
  3. Tell him Bianca never died, then laugh when he's really happy.
  4. Make up a rumor that Bianca ****** with Talos so she died.
  5. Laugh hysterically, and when he asks what's wrong, tell him Hades is a perv.
  6. Steal his Skull Ring.
  7. Tell him it's 1970 and hippie is the new goth. And watch everybody's reaction.
  8. Tell him the dead don't respect him.
  9. Tell him that Bianca came back and she told you to tell him that she hates him and will never EVER speak to him.
  10. Draw mustaches on all his (few) pictures of his mom.
  11. Paint his bunk red when it's "that time of month".
  12. Bonus points if you dress him up as a girl while you're doing #11.
  13. Tell him is mom really died from giving birth to him.
  14. More points if it was because he was fat.
  15. Even more if it was because she made him fat on purpose.
  16. Most if she wanted to die because she never wanted a Nico.
  17. Tell Nico that Percy meant to let Bianca die.
  18. Make a three-way swap of clothes, Nico gets Aphrodite's kid, Aphrodite's kids have Thalia, and Thalia has Nico's.
  19. Say he had issues when he hated Percy.
  20. Tell him bianca found a labryinth entrance inside talos and died when the labryinth collapsed.
  21. Turn him into a dandilion.
  22. Tell him Hades pulled some strings and brought his mom and Bianca back to life.
  23. Bonus points if you tell him that they committed suicide so they wouldn't have to see him again.
  24. More bonus points if you say they got sentenced to Tartarus.
  25. Most bonus points if it's true.
  26. Steal all his clothes, leaving only a pink dress with yellow flowers
  27. Convince some kids of Aphrodite to give him a 'makeover' while hes asleep
  28. Tie him up and force him to listen to Hannah Montana
  29. Tell him that Bianca meant to die because she didnt want to see him anymore.
  30. Tell him Percy kissed Bianca before she died
  31. Tell him Juniper broke up with Grover and now she wants to go out with him
  32. Bonus points if you tell Grover.
  33. Ask him if his hair is dyed because someone who is that pale can't have such dark hair.
  34. Check his wrists for cuts.
  35. Say that Bianca was killed by Persephone
  36. Extra points if you tell Persephone that Nico crushed all her flowers
  37. Most points if they get into a fight.
  38. Tell Nico his father hates him
  39. Bonus points if you tell Hades (Nico's father) that Nico hates him and think Zeus is better
  40. More points if there's a fight between them
  41. Put Justin Beiber posters in Nico's cabin.
  42. Tell him Annabeth likes him better than Percy
  43. More points if you tell Annabeth that Nico likes her.
  44. Even more if you tell Percy that Annabeth likes Nico more.
  45. Tell him that Bianca is dating Thesius in the underworld. (Am I the only one who noticed that everyone in these books hates Thesius?)
  46. Say Bianca survived the Talos crash and you went out to go kill her and suceded and say that you hate Hades and his children and start hacking at him with a celistial bronze chainsaw.
  47. Tell him that Leo has a secret crush on him

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