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Chapter 1

  1. Steal Annabeth from him.
  2. Beat him at sword fighting.
  3. Kill Annabeth.
  4. Tell him Annabeth left him for Luke.
  5. Tell him Annabeth left him for Grover.
  6. Tell him Annabeth dumped him for Rachel.
  7. Steal his sword.
  8. Tell him Bianca came back and wants to kill him.
  9. Tell him that Annabeth couldn't stand him so she commited suicied.
  10. Tell him that Gabe became a human again and remarried Sally.
  11. Tell him everything he want through was a dream, and he was still 12.
  12. Tell him Nico wants to kiss him.
  13. Tell him Luke wants to kiss him.
  14. Push him through a time machine, so he goes back to being twelve and he has to fight Kronos again.
  15. Tell him Annabeth hates him.
  16. invite him to the fourth of july party (from annabeth, of course) and when he gets there, tell him she went with someone else.
  17. bonus points if you tell him it's malcolm
  18. more bonus points if you tell him it's luke
  19. even more bonus points if you tell him it's kronos
  20. MOST bonus points if you tell him it's Rachel
  21. Yell at him "YOU'RE A ******! YOU THINK 'uhh' IS AN INTELLOGENT RESPONSE!!" then laugh in his face.
  22. Tell him Poseidon faded because they were dumping too much **** into the oceans.
  23. Bonus points if you tell him Oceanos is now running the ocean and is out to get him so Percy can't do any cool stuff with water anymore
  24. (Do this if your new to camp half-blood) our dad got busy and had me!
  25. Bonus points if it's true.
  26. Tell him Mrs. O'leary turned bad and killed annabeth
  27. Throw him a 16th birthday party
  28. Super special 7 Annabeth
  29. Tell him Annabeth died and her last words were, "I'm so glad I don't have to see Percy anymore."
  30. (only before he figures it out) tell him where Annabeth's special knife came from
  31. tell Calypso wants him back and watch him try to get back to Ogigyia
  32. tell him Gabe is a ghost and is trying to haunt percy and percy's mom
  33. more points if you make yourself look like its real
  34. even more if he really is a ghost
  35. tell him beckendorf is alive
  1. after that laugh in his face tell him your lying and that its all his fault
  1. tell him Luke got Annabeth pregnent
  1. bonus points if it's true
  1. tell him Kronos got Annabeth prengent
  1. tell him Annabeth joined the Titans
  1. tell him Luke came back and raped Annabeth and killed her
  1. tell him Gabe came back and raped his mom then killed her
  1. tell him Luke and Annabeth had an ugly baby and named it after him
  1. bonus pionts if it's true.

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