Chapter 1

  1. Say that Luke abandoned her for Annabeth.
  2. Say that Luke abandoned her for Percy.
  3. Replace her CDs with Jesse McCartney.
  4. Steal all her Green Day CDs.
  5. Tell her she was fired from being a hunter for being 'punk'.
  6. Tell her all of Green Day died.
  7. Tell her 'THALIA!! YOUR BACK!! LUKE DUMPED YOU!!' (right after she wakes up from being a pine tree).
  8. Catch her with her pants down.
  9. Paint her bunk red when it's that "time of month".
  10. Replace all her CD's with Justin Bieber.
  11. Tell her that Luke jumped off a cliff because she was so ugly.
  12. Replace her gothic clothing with yellow shirts, skirts, and shoes.
  13. Say that Bieber went goth and what he used to be is the new "goth", when in truth nothing changed.
  14. Leave a plane ticket to Mt. Taliampas on her desk.
  15. Extra points if you say zoe came to life and got her the tickets.
  16. Even more extra points if you say its from Atlas.
  17. Steal the Golden Fleece from her tree.
  18. More points if you use it to raise Kronos.
  19. Even more if it kills Luke.
  20. Horribly more if you cut down her tree.
  21. The most if you use the tree for Kronos' bed.
  22. Tell her that Aphrodite kids stole her clothes and replaced them with light princess pink dresses.
  23. Bonus points if you tell the aphrodite kids the opposite.
  24. Even more bonus points if you steal the clothes and frame the others.
  25. Lots more bonus points if they get in a fight.
  26. MOST bonus points if when they tell the other kids that you told them that say "what in the world are you talking about?"
  27. Tell her Annabeth wants to kiss her.
  28. Steal her Green Day concert tickets.
  29. More if you burn the tickets along with her tree.
  30. better if you cut up the tree and use the tickets to fuel hestias bonfire.
  31. Wake her up saying "Thalia! Percy got blasted by Zeus and now we're falling from a plane!"
  32. Tell her she is still a pine tree.
  33. Tell her that her lucky shirt is in the ocean (so poseidon can blast her). (A/N: i have nothing against thalia. my friend and i thought it would be funny.)
  34. Say you were in love with her and your sad that she's a Hunter of Artemis.
  35. Bonus points if you kiss her first then run.
  36. Call her "pinecone face".
  37. Make out with her tree and when she walks over say "oh I thought that was you".
  38. Replace her bow with a honey suckle and tell her that Persephone did it.
  39. Bonus points if she start hunting down Persephone.
  40. For #38 you can say that Travis did it.
  41. Bonus points if they argue.
  42. More bonus points if they start glaring at each other.
  43. Even more bonus points if you push Thalia and she kisses Travis and they fall.
  44. MOST bonus points if they fall into the water.
  45. infinite more if artemis kicks her out of the hunters.
  46. if you dare pollux to go get down with her.
  47. bonus points if she likes it.
  48. more if artemis catches her.
  49. even more if thalia has a kid.
  50. tell her zoe came back to life and she is back in her old position.
  51. set her up on a blind date with someone, then take a picture and show it to artemis.
  52. bonus points if artemis kicks her out.
  53. Tell her she will never be as good as Zoe.

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