==== A.J Morrison is the demigod daughter of Poseidon.

April Jane Morrison
Daughter of Poseidon
Vital Statistics
Date of Birth August 24
Current age 15
Gender Female
Family Poseidon-Father

Alexa Morrison-Mother

Gerry Wilson-Mom's Fiance

Vanessa Wilson-Step Sister\Bff

Status Alive
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Light Brown
Height 5'4
Alias A.J., April, Missy
Affiliation .
Weapons Sword
Species Demigod, human
Home Camp Half-Blood
Appearances None
Quests None



A.j Morrison was born August 24, 1997 to the name April Jane Morrison. She lived with her mother for all her life, not thinking once about her father. She acknowledged weird things happened in her life but that didn't matter much weird things happen all the time. When she was twelve her mother met Gerry Wilson, and his daughter Vanessa Wilson . After two years her mother and Gerry we're engaged. Gerry moved in and everything was fine. Vanessa and A.j where best friends. Vanessa giving her her nickname a.j, two months later a monster attacked there house serching for Vanessa. But having hit the jackpot found a child of the big three A.j. After A.j fought off the monster. There was alot of explainig to do. That's when they found out that Vanessa was a demigod daughter of Demeter. A.j.'s mom and Vanessa's dad thought it would be safer heading to Camp Half-Blood.

Camp Half-Blood

After ariving at Camp Vanessa and A.j. we're inseparable until they we're claimed.


A.j has a tanned complextion with light brown hair, and big blue eyes. She's tall about 5'4, skinny with lond eyelashes and soft features to her face.


A.j has the apperance of a sweet straight A student no troube at all. She is the complete opposite trouble is everywhere she goes. But it's natural she's strong minded some may say rebelious but that's just A.j for you.


A.j has a long sword giving to her from water Nymph claimed it was a gift from her father named Thalassa.

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