A Demigod's Shield is the first story in The Seven Tales of Morgan Knight.


Morgan Knight - the main character. A demigod of as-yet unknown parentage. Morgan is sarcastic and often irritating to adults. At the beginning of the story, she finds a magic shield that becomes crucial to the story.

Chiron - the immortal centaur. After training some of the greatest heroes in Greek mythology, Chiron was made immortal so long as he continues to train heroes, hence Camp Half-Blood. Chiron finds Morgan and brings her to camp after she discovers the shield.

Thomas Garcia - a son of Aphrodite who is very self-conscious about his parentage. Thomas is the first camper Morgan befriends and accompanies her on her first quest.

Miracle Hill - a girl who comes to camp shortly after Morgan does. She is secretly a daughter of Hera.


A Demigod's Shield: Ch. 1

A Demigod's Shield: Ch. 2

A Demigod's Shield: Ch. 3

A Demigod's Shield: Ch. 4

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