My name is Morgan Knight. This is my story. Or, part of it at least.

I guess I should say it all started when I found the shield. Sounds about right.

So, anyway, the shield was lying in the middle of the woods. It was pure white, though I instantly had the feeling that there should have been some kind of pictures on it. I picked it up.

The shield was sort of a typical coat-of-arms shape, but with two extra bits on the sides. On the back, there was a strap - probably for holding onto it - and a few small words.

"This shield was made in" I read aloud, but there were no other words. Not even a hint as to where the shield was made.

Before I could think about it too long, a horse trotted up to me. "Who are you?" the horse's rider asked. Then I looked a little closer and saw that the man wasn't the rider, he was the horse. A centaur.

"Knight. Morgan Knight. And you're half horse."

"A centaur," he said stiffly. "Chiron, to be precise. I must ask, are you mortal?"

"No, I'm a vampire goddess with a taste for horse blood. Yeah, I'm mortal. What else?"

Chiron thought for a moment. "And... would you happen to have any learning disabilities?"

"Dyslexic," was my immediate answer. "Got ADHD too. You got any?"

"No... but I think you may be a demigod. Will you come with me to see?"

"And a demigod is...?"

"One of your parents is mortal. The other is a Greek god or goddess."

"Uh-huh. I would ask if you were crazy, but like I said, you're half horse."

Chiron sighed and trotted forward, motioning for me to follow. We walked past a pine tree covered in gold wool when I saw a bunch of cabins. "Welcome to Camp Half-Blood, summer camp for young Greek heroes."

"I'm American," I pointed out. "And part Kansas-an."

"Well, you were able to get through the camp's magical defenses, so you're also Greek." Chiron was struggling not to scream at me.

"Hey, Chiron," a guy walking by said. He glanced at me. "You found a new demigod?"

"Y-yes," Chiron said, quickly regaining his calm. "Her name is Morgan Knight. Morgan, this is Thomas Garcia, son of Aphrodite."

"Your mom's the..."

"I know!" Thomas shouted. "My mom's the freaking love goddess. Go ahead and mock my inherent lack of manliness like everyone else does."

I thought for a moment before I said, "Nice to meet you, miss."


The Seven Tales of Morgan Knight

A Demigod's Shield

~There Is No Chapter Zero~Chapter Two This Way~

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