Chiron led me toward a large cabin in the middle of camp.

"This is the Hermes cabin," Chiron explained. "Hermes is the god of messengers, thieves, traders - basically, anything involving roads. As such, he is the god of travelers. As a result, the Hermes cabin is always willing to accept new demigods with nowhere else to go."

"So, what? I'm staying at the rejects' cabin?"

"Only until you get claimed. One of the gods will claim you by casting their symbol over you..."

"With an awesome hologram," Thomas fiinished. "Unless you get claimed by Aphrodite, where you get a hologram of doves, and then Mom puts you in a dress."

"You were in a dress?" I asked. "Please tell me it was in front of the whole camp."

"It was," Chiron muttered. "No camper had been more embarrassed since that time Annabeth Chase decided to put a bronze automaton here in the Hermes cabin. Oh, when those Stoll boys want revenge they get it..."

"What happened?" I asked.

"Well," Thomas said. "First, before Annabeth woke up, the Stolls -" He stopped abruptly and looked above my head.

I looked up and saw a large bunch of grapes hanging overhead. Looking closely, I saw that they were see-through, but only just so.

"Morgan Knight, a daughter of Dionysus," Chiron noted.

"Whoa, and here I thought I had it bad," Thomas said with a grin.

"Hey, there's nothing wrong with Dionysus," I said defensively before looking at Chiron. "Who's Dionysus?"

"God of wine, son of Zeus. He works here at the camp as punishment. None of the campers like him, and the feeling is mutual."

"Aww, look at Aphrodite's son talking about people's feelings."



The Seven Tales of Morgan Knight

A Demigod's Shield

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