Blackjack trotted to a large building on fire. Naturally, I followed him inside.

He tilted his head to a staircase that was barely holding back flames. I nodded like an idiot and started running up the stairs. At the top was a woman with bright red hair staring right at me.

"See something interesting?" I asked.

Her eyes shifted, but she gritted her teeth and said, "No. No questions until after we get out of here."

"Finally, someone other than the horse says something smart."

The woman grabbed my wrist and darted down the stairs. I followed, only partly because I was forced to. At the bottom of the staircase, Blackjack was already there, silently urging us to hop on.

The woman and I jumped onto Blackjack's back and held on. Blackjack spread his wings and ran into a soar, straight out the doors.

We touched the ground back beside Chiron. Only now, more of the campers had gotten there as well. Within the crowd, I recognized Thomas, Miracle, and the Aphrodite girl who helped get the other pegasi out of the stables.

"Great, you survived," Chiron said. "Rachel, do you know what is happening now?"

The woman - Rachel - started floating into the air. Her eyes rolled to the inside of her head. Green smoke began to billow from her mouth, eyes, and nose. When she spoke, it was like three people were speaking at once.

"What happens without shall happen within

The days of fire shall now begin

The key to salvation rests in the shield

As well as the girl who was chosen to wield

From many locations as powerful as this

Come the heroes to fight the abyss

When it comes to destruction, know that ice

Is also great, and would suffice."

Rachel stopped talking. She fell to the ground and stopped producing smoke. "That good for you?"

"I'd give that a..." I paused. "Do they even have awards for poetry that freaks people out?"

Yeah, I was still being sarcastic. But on my arm, my shield felt heavy. The key to salvation rests in the shield as well as the girl who was chosen to wield. There was no way that wasn't talking about my shield.

But Miracle had a different issue with Rachel's words. "'Many locations as powerful as this'? Chiron, are there any places more powerful than Camp Half-Blood?"

Chiron sighed. "Well... there is Camp Jupiter in New Rome. But, well, it's not recommended to send Greek campers there. At least not if you want them to come back ali... Morgan Knight, daughter of Dionysus, you can lead the quest there."

"I see how it is," I grumbled.


The Seven Tales of Morgan Knight

A Demigod's Shield

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