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  • Aella, Goddess of Storms
  • Artemis, Goddess of the Hunt, Mother of Aella
  • Hermes,God of Thieves, Protecter of Aella
  • Leah , Daughter of Demeter, Aella's Friend
  • Tarm the Satyr, Friend of Aella
  • Calypso, Titan of Beauty, Friend and Protecter of Aella
  • Triton, God of Seas and Islands, Father of Aella
  • Ethan, Son of Nemesis, Friend of Aella
  • Percy, Son of Poseiden, Friend of Aella
  • Luke (as Kronos), Son of Hermes
  • Bianca,Child of Hades,One of Blessed by Aella
  • Zoe, Hunter of Artemis, One of the Blessed by Artemis
A God's Crime Seriese by Hazelcats.
A God's Crime

Order- Aella, Leah, Tarm, Calypso, Hermes, Artemis, Triton, Ethan, Percy, Bianca, Zoe, Luke

A God's Crime: Discovery and Hidden (DONE!!)

A God's Crime: Found and New (DONE!!)

A God's Crime: A Choice of the Titan God (DONE!!)

Other Stories (Specials)

A God's Crime: The Real Story (Not started)


A sequel to the series has been announced, A God's Secret. It can be found here.


Aella- Bored, messing around with her powers

Leah- Smiling that her friend is back

Tarm- Looking shocked

Calypso- Smiling that she and Aella are finally free (Well almost, Aella has a debt to pay...)

Hermes- Talking on his cell phone

Artemis- Smiling at her daughter

Triton- Angry at Artemis and his daughter, Aella

Ethan- Looking upset and confused

Percy- Looking... Percy

Bianca- Looking at Zoe

Zoe- Looking over at Bianca and trying to decide about Aella being Artemis' daughter

Luke- Angry at Hermes and Aella for being a traitor to the titans (Kronos in this picture)

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