Heres the sequel to The Seeds of Power Its takes place right after it and is from the Marauders point of veiw PG-13 for many different reasons

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This is going to be a really long story ill probely make a part two Warboss95 20:02, February 22, 2010 (UTC)

Chapter 1: Decoy

I stared at the black screen that was the eyes of my helmet. I stared at what so many others saw before they died. I needed to focus a giant scorpian was in the forest and we needed it dead fast. It was just going to be me and my girlfriend Thalia sent on this attack. Almost ever other elite hero in camp had gone back to school for the year. So it was just us, the rest of the staff and about twenty new year-rounders who were to young to fight. I put on my helmet and sealed it. Then Thaila came in, battle ready.

"You ready, Babe"


We walked out of the armoury and made our way to the forest. It was dark to dark to see. I switched on my night vision function on my helmet.

"You remember the plan Thai"

"I was the one who thought of it"

"But do you remember it"

"Yes, I decoy you sniper"

"Thats my girl"

When we got deeper into the forset my arm plate beeped. I looked at the small radar screen on my arm. A dot was getting close way too close. I raced to the nearest tree and climbed up it. I drew my rifle and got ready. Thaila drew her spear and shield. She looked even more beautiful than usual in the moon light. There was somthing about a girl in armour that just turned me on. I twig snapped and we got ready. Then a 7 year old kid in pajamas roled out of the bushes. It was Allan Junderson (AJ for short). He was the newest demigod and was clamied by Athena a week ago. I found him hiding from some deamons and after i saved him, he had decided to glue himself to my leg.

"AJ what in the name of the gods are you doing here" asked Thalia

"I had a bad dream and I got scared. I saw you and the Marauder go into the woods so i followed you"

"You cant be here its dangerous"

"I want to see the Marauder, now"

"Im up here ,pal"

He was surprised to see me all the way up in this tree all armed and hidden behind my helmet.

"Im scared"

"Im sorry about that Bud, but you need to go"

Then my radar beeped again. this dot was coming closer and was much bigger.

"New contact!"

The tree i was in shook like an earthquake. I looked down it was the scorpian. I aimed for its head and fired but its armour is too thick. It raised its tail and stabbed at me. I jumped off the branch and landed on my feet. I looked back at AJ his expression told everthing he was wetting himself right now. Thalia ran to my side we squared off against our foe. We had to kill this thing or go down fighting.

"AJ run"

He was frozen in terror. Thalia charged it while i fired at any space in its armour i saw. I then realized this bugger had only one opening: its mouth.

"Thalia, get AJ out of here!"

"I wont leave you"

"Go now!"

She picked up the kid and ran bck to camp. The monster began to chase them but i intercepted. I locked it in combat trying to get closer to its mouth. I know thats the place that you would stay away from but it was its only weak spot. It stung my leg and pinned me to the ground with its pincers me holding them in each hand. Its head moved closer. It was about to eat my head, and out of desperation i headbutt it. It stumbbled back, confused i took the opening i pulled my dagger out and shoved my hand into its mouth and stabbed my dagger into its throut. It shrieked and then dissovled into dust. I could see why everone wanted this celestial bronze. I retrived my rifle and headed back to camp. I found a group of people waiting for me. When i came into the light i pulled of my helmet and hooked it under my arm. Thalia came running, kissing me on the lips.

"You okay babe"

"Im fine. Wheres AJ"

"Hes with Chiron at the big house. Did you get hurt"

"A sting, nothing i cant fix"

As i limbed to the big house the few campers that were left stared swarming me asking me "What was it?" or "Howd ya kill it". I just ignored them and limbed on. When we got to the big blue farmhouse my leg really began to hurt.

"Marauder, my boy are you alright" asked Chiron

"Im fine. Just get me some vinager and a cloth"

I noticed AJ was curled up asleep on the sopha. I sat down across from him while Thalia tended to my wound.

"Where did you learn about this?"

"Its an old trick for treating venom. Surfers use it when they get stung by jellyfish"

"You always know what to do. Dont you"

"I thought that was you, Miss spent years running from monsters then got turned into a tree then stopped herself from being the kid in the prophecy"

She smiled, i loved it when she smiled it made all the fighting, the killing worth it just so i could spend another day with her. Then i thought about AJ he could get hurt if he followed me ever time i went to defend the camp. I needed a way for him to be safe if he did follow me. I would make something that he could wear that would protect him. Thalia pulled off my shin gaurd and added the vinager the sting in my leg acted up really bad.

"How did that scorpian get into camp?" i asked

"Theres alot of things running around in the forest. But we can take'em"

After she banaged the wound she helped me to my own cabin. When i got my immortality Chiron had a cabin built just for me. It had everything I both needed and wanted. Bed, dresser, book shelf, TV, PS3, blue ray, computer and a bunch of other awesome stuff. She helped me out of my armour and layed me into the bed.

"Gd'night, babe"

"Good night Thai"

She kissed me good night and left. I loved that girl, i would take a bullet for her i had already taken an arrow so a bullet wouldent be that much more. I pulled up the covers and went to sleep.

Chapter 2: Power of the Norse

The next morning i went straight to the forge and began working. I needed somthing to protect AJ from anything. I needed an idea on what it would be. Armour was too big, sowrd to dangerous for a seven year old, it had to be light, small and cant restrain movement. An armband. I made a metal band covered in norse protection runes. I finished it before noon which was impressive even to those Hephaestus kids. I put in on and i could feel the energy barrier around me. No monster could break this sheild no matter how much they tried. After i cleaned up and left Thalia found me.

"Where were you this morning?"

"The forge."


"Because, if AJ keeps on following me he could get hurt."

I held up the band showing her the glowing runes.

"Wow, you made this"

"Yep, the norse runes give off a energy field that mosters and weapons cant get through"

"So your going to give a little kid an armband that protects him form any danger and he can it take off whenever he wants"

I didn't of think of that. If someone tricked him to taking it off he could be killed. I knew a spell lock that would fix that problem. We made our way to the archery range where Chrion teaching the few Athena kids that were here.

"Chiron, could i barrow AJ for a moment?"

"Of corse my friend"

AJ came forward a joined us on a walk.

"AJ, you know i care about you. right?"

He nodded.

"Well if you keep on following, you could get hurt."

"So you want me to stop following you"

"That and i have a gift for you"

I held out the band and he studdied it for a while.

"Whats this?"

"Its a magic band that will protect you if you get into any trouble"

I helped him put it on and tightned it on. I chanted i few spells that locked in place and he wouldent even feel it.

"Cool, what does it do"

"It makes sure that no monster can ever hurt you. but you can never take it off"


"Now back to tranining with you"

He ran off showing everyone that passed what i gave him. Me and Thalia walked back to my cabin. Sence there were only a few campers none of them elities i had no classes to teach. so we now spent most of our time trying recruit membes for the new ironheads. So far we got squat. When we got to my cabin we both layed down on the bed. Thalia cuddled up to me.

"Now what?" I asked "How many people have we called?"

"Two dwarf holds, an orc tribe and your cyclopes buddies."

"And no one wants to join"

"Not after you lost your entire tribe in one battle"

"That wasent my fault, it was an army of undead and that was years ago when you were still a tree"

"I know and i know that you would never let that happen again"

She kissed me on the forhead. she grabbed the remote and turned on the TV. We watched some old sci-fi shows for a while then i got an idea.

"Did you ever here about the goblin underground?"

"We are not having goblins in the ironheads."

"Why not!? and thats not what i was getting at. The goblin undergorund is runned by goblins but it has contacts with almost every monster tribe, hold and colony in the world"

"So you want to take a trip to the rocky mountains find an entrance to an underground filled with monsters and advertise that we want monsters to join us just to kill more monsters"

"Me and you. Just think about it, me and you up in the monutains. Maybe kill a few monsters or deamons here and there"

"Im surpirsed you were never able to hang on to a girl in your travels. You big romantic" she said jokingly

I smiled. She was a bit of a smart allec but that was another thing i liked about her.

"So when are we leaving?" She asked

"When do you want to leave"

"I want to leave now. But lets leave tomarrow afternoon"

"What should we tell Chiron?"

"We'll tell him. That were going on a recriutment mission and will be gone for a week"

Then someone started knocking on the door. I got up and went to look but no one was there. I stepped out the night air waking me up. Then i was thrown down by a wolf. A timber wolf. A wolf of Artemis. I began biting at my neck but i was smart. I took hold of its ear and jaw and snapped its neak. I threw its body to the side and looked up and Thalia. She was more surprised than scared.

"We got trouble" I said

I got up and went to the wall. I pressed a hidden panel and a rifle and some laser pistols were hookd to the wall.

"What do you want?" i asked


I threw her them and a few battery clips. Loaded the rifle and got ready. Then we heard barking and three wovles came running through the door. We blasted them in seconds.

"Come on we, have to get help" i said


We walked out the cabin back to back aiming at everything that moved. We got sight of the big house when we got ambushed. Twenty wovles came running at us we fired round after round but they dodged almost every shot.

"These are tough buggers!" I yelled

"Their bred from some monster wolf. Finris i think"

"Why didnt you tell me that" I crushed one head with the butt of my rifle. Thalia had her knives so i knew she was okay.

"Thalia, pass me your lipstick"

She reaced into her pocket and passed it to me.

"What are you going to do with that?"

I uncapped it and drew the symbol for Tyr the norse god of war on the side of my rifle. The only god brave enough to feed the chained Finris. It was a simple rune it looks like a T with its arms slanted downward. I held it up like a weapon of mass destruction. The wovles backed away, some even ran.

"What is that?" asked Thalia

"That right there is the power of the norse gods."

We made our way to the big house. Thalia behind me while i held out the rune. When we got to the big house we ran inside slamming to door behind us. We found Chiron and Mr. D playing card game.

"Sirs, we got a problem"

"What is it this time?" asked Mr.D

"nothing, just a pack of timber wovles out to get us"

"Well that cant be good"


"To arms" yelled Chiron

We ran to the hidden stash of weapons and got ready. Mr. D just ran up the stairs. Hes a God its their job to run the planet and our job to protect them and ourselves. I grabbed the sword and sheild, Thalia had her knives and Chiron now in centaur form had a bow and a quiver. We opened the door and exspected the worse. But they were gone we could see them running up the hill disappearing in the distance.

"Well that was fun" said Thalia

"What was that about?" asked Chiron

"I guess Artemis is out to get me again. But not directly shes smarter than that"

"We need to bump up our defences"

"I got a plan for that"

"Oh and Chiron. Me and the Marauder are going on a recrutment mission tomarrow night"

"After we fix our defeneces you both can go."

Chapter 3: Enjoy the show?

I knew the perfect plan to keep enemies out of camp. I needed 12 magic fence posts, each with a signal rellay that pumped magic in the barrier healing it. Each post needed to be made out of oak and carved with celetial bronze. The posts also needed a large amount runes and symbols so its signal could link with the magic borders. When i finished my work. I put the posts into my backpack and grabbed the activation controler which i would clip to the golden fleece. I left the Arts-and-crafts and made my way to the stables. I saddled the first horse i saw and I linked our minds with some telepathy for communication and better control.

"Whats your name little guy?"

I'm Philly. why did you wake me up

"I need i ride so i can fix the borders"

In that case lets go

I saddled up and we rode to the first checkpoint. I jumped off grabbed the first post and drove it into the ground. I pressed a few buttons on its control panel and moved on to the next few checkpoints. As i finished the 7th one the sun began to rise and the camp sprung to life. the mid October wind began to blow, the saytrs began chasing the dyrads and campers began traning. I realized that even while almost everyone was gone to school or staying with their godly parents the camp still had its spark. (A/N: I forgot to mention that the gods made a rule their kids can come and stay with them during the year. So Nico and Clarisse are gone) After i few more posts i was done i only had i activate them. I rode to Half-blood Hill. I hiked up the hill getting the activation clip ready. I found Peleus the dragon curled around the tree he opened his big green eyes to see who was here. i made a quick telepathy connection with him.

"Hi Peleus. I need to get to the fleece, could you move over a bit"

He lifted his head and began to growl. What do you want with the fleece?

"Im fixing the barriers around camp. don't worry i wont take the fleece"

I dont trust you.

"I would be disappointed if you did. Listen if i dont activate the posts ive put around the camp the barriers wont reganerate" Fine

He moved his head over a tad so i could reach the fleece. I clipped the remote on and pressed the on button. I loud zap echoed throughout the valley. The barrier began to glow making it look like we were in a giant bubble the holes that the deamons left began to close up. When it died down i could tell i did my job. I patted Peleus on the head and made my way back to my horse. After i put him back into the stables and went back to my cabin. I found Thalia packed and ready with a suitcase in her hands.

"Your not going to want to carry that."


"Because carrying a suitcase through the rocky mountain can get tricky."

"So i need to repack"

"Yep. Make it look like we're going on a rock climbing trip. Hopefully customs will believe that"

"Wait. Customs? We're not going on a plane are we"

"Yay... How did you think we be getting into Alberta"

"Um... driving"

"Takes to long. What do you have against planes"

Shame hit her face like a punch. I could tell somthing was wrong.

"Its just Im afraid of heights. There i said it my Dad is the god of the sky and im afraid of heights!"

"Thats it?"

"What do mean thats it!"

I gave her a hug and kissed her on the forhead.

"Planes are easy, you can just sleep during the flight. It'll be fine."

"You sure"

"A hundred percent"

When she left to repack I went into my cabin. I had to travel light to get through the mountains. Then i realized what i really needed a passport and plane tickets. Im sure my cyclops friends would be pleased to ablige. Hopefully they're not to busy. I turned on my computer and contacted the colony at Fox Creek. The image of a cyclops apeared.

"Hello, this Arthur Strongforge, might i ask who is calling"

"The Marauder asking for Buggmen lord of Fox Creek"

"My lord. Im sorry but the lord is away on buisness. Is there anything i can do for you"

"Yes i need a passport and two tickets for Calgary. The information should be on your server mainfram"

He pressed a few button on his keyboard. I could tell he was a young cyclops he lacked the size and rugged looks of a full grown cyclops.

"Ah, here it is. Shall i send them to you."

"Yes please"

I heard a thump in my closet.

"Thank you"

"My pleasure, My lord"

I logged off and open the small package that had apeared in my closet. I had two first class tickets and a passport. Everything on it was true my real name: Merak Hecterson, my brith date: December 5th 1994, everything that i had forgotten when my family was killed and my home town leveled. All the pain the sadness came back. My family, my friends, my home burnt to a crisp. The memories of the old iron heads came back. The endless hoard of undead killing mt squad the pack of werewolves ambushing me and Brogg and Brogg giving up himself so i could get away. It deepressed me that i got away while he fought I got away and got immortality and a new home. I didnt deserve all the goods things: camp, immortality and Thalia. I snapped back to reality shaking my head , I grabbed my backpack and got packing. When i finished i made my way to the cabins to help Thalia. The hard thing about that was that the other cabins were north of the big house and mine was east a bit into the forest itself. When i finally broke threw the tree line i was at the cabins. Thalia was stll in her cabin. I should have knocked. When i opened the door Thalia had no shirt or bra on. My mind said "just stare enjoy the show", but my morality said "cover your eyes". My morality had never led my astray before so why stop now. By the time i had decied to close the door Thalia had already noticed me a look of anger on her face. I waited outside for her to finish. When she came out we walked to the big house.

"Enjoy the show?" she asked


"Its alright, your forgiven"

"Ok. You got everything"


"Stuff hidden behind the mist"


"Could you"

I held up my pack. Manipulating mist was the one thing i didnt know how to do. She snapped her fingers and when i opened my bag it all seemed so normal just a mountian climber's pack. My gaunlets had turned into gloves and i couldnet see my pistols.


"Your welcome"

"Do you have your passport?"

"Umm... Do i need one"


"Oh... Where can i get one"

"Im not sure. I tecnicly dont have a legal passport the cyclopses just send me one when i need one"

"Mabey Chiron could help"


When we got to the big house we found Chiron and Mr. D playing a card game and some kids watching TV on the flate screen. When they realized we were here Thalia came forward.

"Chiron, I need a passport"

He looked almost pleased by the request. Like he had always planned for this.

"Of corse my dear"

Chapter 4: Tell Me When its Over!

He rolled himself to a painting on the wall and removed it a safe was imbedded in the wall. Im not just saying a safe where people put their life savings in this was a big safe with a scanner and locks. He put the combination and placed his hand on a scanner. When it opened it had no treasuer, no jewels just old books and scrolls. He reached in and pulled out a passport.

"I think this should sufice for your trip"

He placed it in Thalia's hand. She held it like it was something alien but in a good way. She slipped it into her back pack patting the pocket.

"Well I guess we'll be off then" I said

As we walked out Chrion called.

"Wait, take these"

He threw me the keys for the camp's Van.

"You dont mean?" i asked

"Yes i do"

We ran to the Van which was parked in the garage next to the forge. I jumped into the drivers seat Thalia in the passengers seat. I hadent driven for a long time, it was apart of my training to learn how to drive almost anything car, plane, boat and a few other stuff. When we got onto the road Thalia spoke.

"So now what?"

"We go to the airport get, get through customs, get onto the plane for about two hours"

"Thats how long the ride is"


She seemed worried about the plane. I put my arm around her and gave her a hug. She leaned her head on my shoulder while i drove with one hand. I didnt know New York very well but Thalia guided me to the airport. When we got there Thalia held my hand like it was a life presever. We carried our stuff through customs while i was calm acting as natural as ever, Thalia was really scared. Airport secruity seemed a little suspicious.

"Is she alright?"

"She afraid of heights, Its her first flight"

"Oh, this way to your gate"

As we waited for our plane to board we talked. The problem was that we didnt have anything to say. We had shared most of our adventures and i wasent going to tell her about how i seduecd and slayed a vampire. When we finally began boarding we pulled out our passports an showed it to the boarding staff.

"Welcome aboard Mr. Hectorson"

"Hectorson?" asked Thalia as we walked "My real name Marek Hectorson" When we got to our seats we found a big guy with black hair and grey-black eyes. It was Zeus. He was in the window seat of our row.

"Dad? What are you doing here?"

"i have some business with Thor and i heard you two were going on a trip. So I thought i should join you"

After we took off Thalia leaned aganist me and said

"Tell me when its over"

she fell fast asleep so me and Zeus began talking.

"So has there been any leads on Artemis" i asked

"None. The hunters that went to join her disappeared. How many hunters stayed with the Iron Heads?"

"Five, Thats why we're going to the goblin underground. So we can get some recruits."

"Can you do me a favor"


"Protech Thalia down there, defend her against any monster that would hurt her"

"That goes without question. And if there are any demigod eating monsters down there they would run at the sight of me"

"I sure many would but there are always those few that would try"

"Try and fail. No monster will lay their hands on her"

"You are a brave warrior"

"Thanks. Others call it reckless"

After that i focused on the movie which sucked. Thalia slept peacfuly on my shoulder. She was truly beautiful her makeup was perfect she had grown out her hair and pull into a spikey ponytail, She was apsolutly gorgeous i was a really lucky guy. I seemed to always lose myself in how much i loved her. I snapped back to reality and fell asleep. I wasent a demigod so i was almost never tourmented by visions that would really bug me. This was one of those few dreams. I was in a praire the fog was so thick i couldent see anything. I form came out of the fog i knew it was an orc he was big, had massive shoulders and his face had a huge jaw and tusks.

"Who are you?" I asked

"Im a friend"

"Im not so sure about that"

"Trust me, Im a friend. We will talk in the underground"

I woke up and realized we were landing. When i looked next to me Zeus was gone and Thalia was beginning to wake up. After getting out of the airport i took a deep breath taking in all the fresh mountain air. Thalia was wearing a thick leather jacket I was in a T-shirt not being bothered by the chill of Canada.

"Now what?" asked Thalia

I pulled a map out of my pack and unfolded it.

"We start here at Mount Morn and after two days of trecking west we will arrive at the Groves of Silver and then we will climb down the mountian and we will be at The Goblin Underground"

"That dosent sound too bad"

"Lets just hope you took your climbing training very serouisly"

Chapter 5: Snow, Rock and Dreams

After getting into a tour bus we rode it for a few hours until we got to the mountains. Climbing up Mount Morn was suprisingly fast. Me and Thalia we're tied together by a rope i had my gauntlets so i just stabbed my claws into the rock and snow. Thalia had gloves and boots with huge spikes on the bottom. After about 3 hours of climbing we reached our first checkpoint which was just a small outcroping in the side of the mountain.

"Five minute break Thal"

We took some bites of some ambrosia and continued the climb for another few hours then we reached the second checkpoint which was a tunnel in the side of the mountain. I pulled out a glow stick.

"This way"

"you sure"

"Im sure"

We ventuered into the darkness. It was dark the only light was the glow stick. All i could see what was a few feet infront of me and Thalia's face.

"You do know somethings about to attack us. right?" She asked "Most likely"

I felt a breeze across my face. I smelled earth and rotting meat. We were no where near the end so i geuss its fighting time. I strapped the glowstick to my gauntlet and got ready. Thalia senced it too so she pulled out her spear and tapped her braclet her sheild spun out it still had the scorch mark i left when we met. After a few minutes of total scilence we were thrown back it the wall of the cave by a fleshy white tube. I saw what hit us it was a ice worm and a big one at that. When we got back to our feet it went for another hit this time we were ready we side stepped. Thalia stabbed at it but her spear shattered on its milky white skin. I thought as fast as i could what was a ice worms weakness. It was too dark for me to think straight my glow stick had snapped and was glowing less and less unitil it was black. I reached out with my sences i was only able to sence where the worm and Thalia were, not what they were doing. I was hit again in the gut by the worm's tail and thrown against the wall. Again.


"Marek. Are you alright."

"Im fine but i cant see anything"

"I have an idea"

I blue glow began to appear. When there was enough light i saw that her knives were radiating a electric blue arua. She had charged her blades with so much electricity that i could see. Now that i could see i charged the worm knocking it into a stalagmite. After a few dark and blurred moments of fighting i was hit and thrown back next to Thalia she was to focused on keeping the light on to fight. She looked at me with an idea

"Hows your hammer throw?"

I smiled it was the most brilliant idea ive heard in along time. I grabbed her by the waist and shoulder spun around and threw her at the worms head. Which was twenty feet high. She dug her glowing knives into the monster's black eyes. After a few violent thrashes of pain the monster froze and fell. I jumped and caught Thalia. When i landed on my feet she opened her eyes and said something.

"I love you"

I knew i loved her, i just never said it out loud and now seemed like the perfect time to.

"I love you too"

We made out on the cave floor for a good ten minutes. Then the smeel of the dead worm beside us acted up and the moment was lost. We retreved our stuff and continued down the cave. When we finally got out of the cave it was late night it was almost as dark as the cave except for the stars in the sky. There was a path through that led right through the mountains and to the west. The two of us made camp in a small outcrooping. After we set up a fire and ate we leaned against a log and stared at the sky. I put my arm around her and we fell asleep. I had another dream the same orc came to me in the mountians.

"You regret much my friend"

"I should"

"Why is that?"

"I've cheated, I've killed, I've murdered and the few times i was truely needed i failed"

"All of which happened so you would be led here"

"You saying that the Fates are taking time off from ending lives to guide me"

"I would have to say: Yes"

"Who are you?"

"In time my friend. You must have patients. Thats one of the leasons you taught me. Patients"

I woke up after that. It was dawn and Thalia was still asleep cuddled up against me. (A/N: how did i go from writing battle scenes to a romance novel) I began sorting out my strange dreams: First off i must have known this orc before, second he was calling to me from the underground and third he must have been a student of mine. I should get my answers in about two days. I nugged Thalia

"Wakee, wakee"

"Five more minutes Luke im tired"


She woke up realizing what she said.

"I mean Marauder"

"Whose Luke?"


"Whose Luke"

I said it more firmly this time she looked embarressed and sad at the same time.

"An old friend who died"

"What happned?"

"He was the one that set off the second Titan war and ended it"

"I thought that was Percy that ended it"

"Thats the official story. What really happend was Luke was taken over by Kronos and as he was fighting Percy, Luke was able to take control again and kill himself"

"So he was a hero"


"And you miss him"


I thought it better not to talk about it anymore. She got up and bagan packing her stuff, i did so too. I didnt know if we'd be attacked again so i strapped my pistols to my ribs. When we were all packed up we began our journey through the mountains. It was a very long trip thorugh the mountains but we were making good progress. It was really boring though the path that was there took any excitment out of the trip. All we could do was talk and we didnt have anything to say at all. By noon we were already ahead of schedule, so we sat down for lunch. After we finished eating some protien bars Thalia spoke

"We should contact Chiron"

"Okay, Iris message or holocam"


I had created a holographic messaging device that was plugged into my gauntlet. It worked like an Iris message but i could only contact camp with it. I pressed a few buttons and an image of Chiron appeared.

"Hello, whos calling?"

"Chiron its us"

"Oh of corse. How are you two. Alright i hope"

"We're fine"

"where are you"

"We're almost half-way to the underground"

"So your ahead of scheldule"


"Have you had any trouble?" "Just an ice worm nothing we couldnet handle"

"Be careful. You now better than anyone what lurks in the mountains" "Im sure we'll be fine"

"Alright i need to get back to classes, Goodby"

"Goodby, we'll call when we get there"

The imgae faded and we countinued walking.

"What did Chiron mean about "you know what lurks here"

"Ive had to fight alot in the Rockies, most of my training was in a valley called the Helm"

"The Helm?"

"Its an ancient place where monsters gather to share" "I still dont understand how you can live amongst the same monsters that have tried to kill me and still have more monsters trying to kill you"

"Its not based on the species. Its based on what each monster belives. So while one orc tribe wants to kill me another would gladly follow me to battle"

"So more believe your bad than good"

"Its not that. its that ive killed many monsters to protech people" "So its out of spite"


After that we didnt talk very much. Mostly because the path ended and we needed to start climbing.

Chapter 6: The Forest of Fertility

This climb wasent as long as the first climb but it was much harder. The rock was rougher and slippery. I was used to slippery terrain before i could even talk. Im not kidding the praries then snow, then ice, then rain all on top of each other. I knew Thalia was good but she and all the other demigods havent seen the things ive seen. After about an hour of climbing up steep slippery mountain my legs bagan burning and i slipped almost landing on my face.

"You okay, babe?"

"Im fine. Just tired"

"Wanna rest"

"No, lets keep going"

"You sure"

"Im sure"

We continued climbing for another while. "I just realized you never told me the story about how you beacme the Marauder"

"Well you know that the main reason is because im Orion reborn so Artemis just needed a good reason to ask Zeus if i could be the next memeber of the line"

"And the good reason was?"

"Well i was..."

"Go on"

"I was a nerd"

"Really" she giggled

"I was a nerd who got builled so i took some fighting classes and even if i wasent Orion she still felt that i had some untaped potencial. So they made me the Marauder when i was 9 years old and every chance i got, i would go to th Helm and train with anyone that was there. Then when i was 10 some greater deamons got my scent so they came to my home town and leveled it to a crisp."

"Im so sorry"

"It was the first time i thought i was useless. Then i realized there must be others like me so after i tracked down and killed those deamons I founded the Iron heads. Im sorry if I bore you"

"Its Ok it almost makes my past seem less... uh... well you get the idea"

"What was so bad about your past"

"Well i being a demigod means that you always get attacked by monsters and my mom was a drunk. So i ran away and met Luke. Then after a while we met Annabeth, then Grover. We were on our way to camp when i cyclops tricked us and he slowed us down. When we finally got to camp we were ambushed by an army of monsters so while i held them off Luke, Annabeth and Grover got away. Then i got turned into a tree"

"What was it like being a tree"

"Im not sure. One minute im fighting an army of monsters wounded and dying the next i was being helped by Percy"

"Okay. Tell me more about this Luke person"

"Hes a hero!"

"Who started the second titan war"

"How many wars have you started!" she was beggining to sound really ticked off. I really should shut up.

"Nine, and i ended them in less then a week"

"And how many lives were lost in those"

"They were just arguments between a few tribes. Alot more lives would have been lost if i hadent been there!" "You never now when to shut up do you!"


"Well you might want to start!"

She climbed ahead trying to get away from. I could tell she had feelings for this "Luke". When we got to the top of the mountian i looked at the veiw it was magnifacent i could see for hundreads of miles, the sun was shyning and there wasent a cloud in the sky. I looked down i could see our next checkpoint which was another few hours away except we were on a cliff.

"I guess we need to repel down"


I reached into my back pack and pulled out two harnesses and some rope. Before Thalia could think i had already strapped on both our harnesses and hammered the two long ropes to the side of the cliff.

"Did Chrion ever show you how to do this?"

"I think but..."

"Your still afraid of heights, I know. We'll get through this"

After getting both of us ready i showed her how to repel.

"Do as i do"

I leaned of the edge and steped down. After about tweny feet Thalia shrieked. She had looked down.

"Thalia look at me, do you hear me look at me."

She looked up with total panic in her eyes.

"Thalia make conversation with me"

"Marauder i dont want to argue, can we just forget about the spat"

"what spat?"

"Ha ha very funny. So where did you learn to repel down cliffs some almighty monster taught you how to"

"No just read a few books and taught myself"

We talked about alot of stuff down the cliff. I told her about how my family owned a farm so i was a bit of a farmboy. She told me about the battle of Manhattan and how if i was there alot less demigods would have died. All i know is during our climb down we talked alot. When we got to the bottom we were in a forest not just a forest you have at the edge of lake winnipeg this was the forest of fertility it was a thick rainforest in the middle of the mountains with a cobblestone path right through the middle, and on the other side was the groves of silver, the we would be at the goblin underground. I gathered the ropes and we began walking. Thalia slipped her hand into my gaunlet, I smiled. It was oddly quiet for a rainforest. It was beautiful in a creepy way.

"What is this place?" asked Thalia

"Its called the Forest of Fertility. Its the last true wild in the world. No one not even the gods know about it"

"Then how do you know about it"

"Because i helped Pan make it. You know before he faded"

"Howd you get that offer"

"He heard i was good with runes and crafting so i created the magical borders that only let me, Pan and the satrys in"

"What makes it so wild"

"See these trees"


"Their alive. They wont harm me but if you werent with me you'd be dead by now"

"Oh.. good to know. So how long until we get to the underground?"

"We should get there by tomarrow evening"

"Whens the next cheakpoint"

"In the middle of the forest. We'll camp at the springs of eternal life"

"Sounds romantic"

"It should its the second reason why i chose this route"

"What was the first reason?"

"It was also the fastest way to the underground"

The wind picked up and the trees moved with it. They almost seemed to dance in the wind this place was like life had found its only true haven. By dusk we had reached the springs. There was only one world to describe them magnificent. The water pooled in round craters about 30 feet in diameter seperated by a line sand the water was so calm it almost seemed like glass. In the middle of each pool was a pillar of crystal where the water seemed to melt out of them. The trees grew into a dome where the brached met in the middle pillar and in one of the branched a package hanging there. I dropped my stuff and went to it trying not to step in the water. I grabbed the package and ran back to Thalia who was beginning a fire by zapping some dead leaves.

"Whats that" she asked

"I have no idea"

I turned it over it had a letter with my name on it The Marauder,I opened it with caution. Dear Marauder

If you are reading this you are on your way to the goblin underground from Camp Half-blood and I have faded. I knew you would get to camp one day i always belived in you. You are the best warrior i have ever met. I also know that one day you will serve the world in ways not even the gods can. By the way i have no use for this and i thought you could put it to good use.

Your eternal friend Pan the god of the wild.

P.S. there is nother special about the water go swiming if you want to.

I passed it to Thalia

"Wow. Pan really thought highlly of you"

"He did. He treated me as his equel unlike other gods."

After we had dinner we looked at each other with an idea. We ripped off our cloths until we were in our underwear and jumped into the water. After we got used to the water which was really warm we began to make out at the bottom of the pool. I dont think ive ever held my breath so long. I couldent take it anymore i needed air i let go of Thalia and we swam to the surface. I began to get the idea that we were about to do "it". I loved Thalia but i wasent reay for "it". We just continued kissing in the water for the next hour. When we were finished we leaned against the edge of the pool. She began rubbing every scare on my body and asking how i got them. She tickled a gash on my shoulder.

"And this one"

"I got into a dwarven bar fight and one guy had an axe"

She moved to the arrow scare on my gut

"And this one"

"Thats the one i took for you"

"Oh really"

She kissed my scare and went back to rubbing my other ones. Then she moved to a claw mark on my chest.

"And this one"

"You dont want to know that one"

"Yes i do"

"Fine. I seduced a vampire who was tormenting a small town and killed her in bed. Her death blow was this sratch"


"Dont worry your much hotter than her"

After that we went to bed on a slightly positive note.

Chapter 7: Poor or Rich

When i woke up the next morning it was foggy and i couldent see a thing. I shook Thalia awake and we packed up our stuff and got dressed we were still in our wet underwear. As i gathered my stuff i found the package from Pan i hadent opened yet. I ripped off the packaging to find a book. It was a big old book with golden bindings, a red cover and a lock. The lock had a rune on it i looked at my gauntlets my right index finger had the same rune on the tip. I put it on and pressed my finger in to the lock. It opened i looked on the first page.

A Warrior's Hand Book: 'Ment for those of the Line

This book belongs to : Achilles

Alexander The Great

Allen Quatermain

(A/N: Whoa thats weird all their names start with A. Achilles was never a demigod his mum was a nymph)

The Marauder

I had always heard rumors of these books, that the most powerful members of the line put much of their know-how into any copy they could find. And now i had my own copy. I threw it into my pack and let it sink in a bit more. Once im done reading it there will never be a monster that could ever kill me in battle. I came back to reality and joined Thalia who was dressed and ready to go. We continued down the path by around noon we had left the forest and were in the Groves of Silver. The groves of silver are like the gardens of hesperides but with silver apples instead of gold and there is no monster gaurding it. The tall silver trees were lined up in two rows with a path in between. The hoarfrost and the fog gave the groves an almost wise feel, they seemed achient and inteligent. I reached out with my mind i linked my mind with the tree and instantly got hit with a mental shot. I fell to my knees in pain.

"Marauder, are you okay"

"Im fine"

"What happened?"

I ignored the pain and focused.

"I guess these trees have a mind of there own"

she looked confused i got up and we continued walking. I retreated into my mind i didnt want these trees to fire another shot. We still had another few miles before we got to the underground. Thalia had pulled out an ipod and was absorbed inot her music so i pulled out my new book and read. As i read i could almost feel energy from the book going into my body. Over the next hour i learnt the fighting styles of the persian empire and many different potion recipes. I flipped a page and was drawn in by the title: Manipulation of Immorality and styx bathing. I wanted to continue reading but our trip had come to an end. The groves had ended at some big renforced doors a bit like the doors at Olympus just not as grand. In front of the doors were two blocks of stone one with a gold brick on top the other with a book, and in the middle of the door was a message in greek. The one language a hadent bothered to learn. But demigods were hard-wired to read it.

"Uhh, Thalia"

"Wait you cant read it" she giggled


"Okay. It says: To enter the wonder that is the Goblin Underground one must decide who is truely wealthy a man with a bolck of gold or a scholar. Thats stupid the wealthier man is the one with the gold"

She reached for the brick but i stopped her.

"Goblins always try to screw with your mind. Their tricksters, servants of Loki. A man with gold will waste it right away. The only thing a scholar values is his knowledge and you can never lose that"

I tapped the book with my hand praying for something not to blow-up. At first nothing happened then the doors began to rumble and open. Behind the doors was a tunnel with a faint glow at the end. As we walked in i looked back at the groves and through the fog i could see a white horse with a silver horn it gave me a nod and run away. Thalia grabbed my hand and we ventured into the darkness and into the goblin underground.

The end

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