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(If you havent already) read The Seeds of Power (I screwed up i made it a blog) and A Warrior's Soul

Chapter 1: Grotz en' Groggs

It was dark not as dark as the cave two days ago but still very dark. Thalia and me were holding hands. She seemed happy that we finally got here but i could tell she was also scared that we were going straight into monster central. I was fine i had never been here before but if any monster was stupid enough to pick a fight with us they would quickly regret it. At the end of the dark tunnel was a large chamber with a pillar. Near the bottom of the pillar was a booth with a goblin in it. He was dressed better than most of his kind he had a black suit that fit his 3-foot tall body and large amounts of jewlery.

"Ello sir. Whats can me do for you?" He asked in a squeeky voice

"We need a shop and a place to stay"

"Good. Whats you business"


"Good. Names please"

"This is Thalia Grace, and im The Marauder"

"Me lord forgive me 'n Lady StromStrike tis 'n honour. Me will glady pay for this."

"No need my friend. We just need a shop and a place to stay"

"Come back 'n 30 minutes it will all be organized. 'Ow will this be paid for?"

"Golden Dranmicas"

"Very very good me lord"

He pressed a botton on his desk. A crack began forming on the back of the chamber it opened to revail the goblin underground. It looked like an endless underground outlet mall. The tunnel was the colour of copper and lit with giant glowing crystals. The shops were flooded with half-human half-random animal monsters, orcs, goblins and giants. everything was here. I was in aw, Thalia was terrified. The goblin leaned out of his booth and said

"My lord yous might want ta wait 'n dat dare pub"

He pointed to a building called Grotz en' Groggs.

"Thank you"

As we walked every creature we passed gave us either a angry glare or and a saluting smile. We walked into the pub and sat in the first booth we saw. The place was almost empty except for a minotaur the dwarf behind the counter and a group of hybrids eating dinner. After a few minutes a nymph waitress came, she seemed tired and bored.

"What can i get ya?"

"Two non-alcoholic Kazaks and an order of nachos"


She left to get our food.

"Why did that goblin call me Lady Stromstrike?" asked Thalia

"Its your title. Monsters only give a titles to enemies who they respect be proud of it"

"Why are you called the Marauder?"

"Not sure its just a name that stuck. I thinks its because of my flaw or how i fight"

"Your flaw"

"Im reckless"

"You are... i never thought of it your always jumping in the way not caring if you go down"


Then the waitress came back with our food. She placed plate of nachos and the two mugs of foamy silver drink.

"On the house"


We ate and drank hungerly, two days of protein bars sucks. Then the minotaur got up and walked over to us. Anger in his eyes.

"Godlings arent welcome here go back to that cursed camp"

"I aint no godling beef head"

"You sure smell like one"

"And you smell like a cow crap"

He picked up the table and was ready to crush us. But i push kicked him into the wall. He pulled out a giant axe and he charged me. I dropped my pack and charged back giving him an uppercut in the jaw, then a jab in the gut and finally hook in the side of his face. He retaliated by punching me in the jaw sending me into a table. I got up and brushed off the wood chips. Thalia reached for her weapons.

"No Thalia this is my fight"

I charged the minotaur ramming into his gut. we both went into the bar. After getting over our confusion he grabbed me and began squeezing, He was going to crush me to death. I was losing air and life i tried wiggle out but i couldent. I wiggled once more then i heard a Blast. He let go and fell over his hand was smoking. I had shot one of my pistols by accident. I gathered my things and me and Thalia left. We walked to the entrace chamber to see if everthing was organized. We found the goblin helping a group of dryads who seemed to be really pissed with him.

"Miss, yours show reservations were paid for not yours hotel fee"

"Fine be that way"

They threw him a bag of coins and left.

"Thats the last time i flirt with a goblin" one of them muttered

We walke up to him.

"Is everything ready Mister..."

"Vamp. Me name es Gibnik Vamp. Yes everythig es ready."

He opened a door on the side of the pillar and stepped out. Another small well dressed goblin took his place.

"My lord, you and Lady Stromstrike will be staying at our finest hotel Midgard's Valhalla and your's recruitment shop es just across the road"

Chapter 2: Sweet... Place.

Gibnik lead us down through the undergorund for almost a mile to a giant building that was molded out of the cave wall it looked like a 5 star hotel. It had golden doors, red bricks and blue crystal windows. Above the door written in norse said: Midgard's Valhalla (A/N: That can be traslated to saying Earth's Heaven). Gibnik tugged my arm.

"Your shop is over there, me lord"

He pointed to an empty stall across the path. It looked like a military recruitment building except it looks like nobodys been there in years. It seemed like a good place to recruit new iron heads it just needed to be fixed up a bit. Gibnik lead us into the hotel lobby. As we got closer i saw that creatures were looking at us through their windows. Starring at us like we were the monsters.

"This way me lord"

Gibnik opened the doors to an enormous lobby with a giant beach mural behind a desk where a young woman was working. She had blonde hair which was braided with silver ribbon, she wore a silver suit and seemed to be glowing. I could tell she was a Valkryie a maiden of Odin a spirit of the slaughter.(A/N: to learn more about valkryies go to Monster fact requests) As we got closer i saw that the beach wasent a mural it was an actuall beach behind a glass wall. I could see monsters swiming and playing under a crystal sun.

"Hello, Gibnik hows my favorite little gobbo?" said the valkryie in a norwegian accent

"Very good Freya. Me gots da Marauder and Lady Stormsrtike ere for da week"

"Lovely. I shall give them the royal suit"

Gibnik turned to me.

"My lord if you needs anyfink just ask Freya ere"

I reached into my pocket and pulled out a golden Dracnmia and passed it to him.

"Thank you my lord"

He ran off holding the Dracnmia for dear life.

"My lord if you would come this way." said Freya

We followed her down a hall an to some elevators. as we waited Freya spoke

"Here at Midgard's Vallhala we try to make your stay like Asgaurd. I heard that you two have rented a shop across the street if you need any help there i can organize a platoon of Bone Jaw (an orc tribe) orcs to help you out"

"That'll be great"


when we got to our floor Freya lead us to our room which was room 219 and had a crown on the door. She pulled out a keycard and unlocked the door saving every second of tention. The room was awesome. The door opened to a living area with a a big white couch, a TV sceen the size of a cabin at camp and a hottub coming out of the wall. There was a paito that over looked the underground beach. A dinnig area with a fully stocked fridge was right behind the hottub and from there a hallway lead to a bathroom and two bedrooms which had a king sized bed, a bathroom and another huge TV each . There was also a study attached to one of the rooms. That would be mine i think. I snapped back to reality and said

"Sweet... place"

"I had a feeling you would like it. If you need anything my lord just call"

Freya left me and Thalia alone.

"So what now?" asked Thalia

"Well im going to take a shower and change. You?"

"Same. Then lets get some room service"


I dropped my stuff onto my bed. After i took a shower i felt renergised and clean. I looked in my closet it was stocked cloths for every occasion. I just threw on some confortable pants and a shirt and went into the living room. Thalia was sitting on the couch dressed in a big fluffy white robe.

"Now can we get some room service" she asked

I grabbed the phone that was on the coffe table and called the front desk. A girls voice answered she also had a scandinavian accent.


"This is the Marauder. Can we get some food to room 219"

"Of corse my lord. What would you like?"

"A pepperoni pizza, please"

"It will be there soon my lord"

"Thank you"

I jumped onto the couch and slid next to Thalia.

"We finally made it. huh Thal"

"We should call Chiron"

"That probibly a good idea"

Chapter 3: We be ready ta work!

After calling Chiron and telling him that we're got here same and sound we ate our pizza and past out on the couch. I had another dream I was in the underground but it was completly empty. The orc stepped out of a shop he was dressed in a cloak and had scraps of metal as shoulder pads.

"Im pleased to see that you got here my friend"

"Now will you tell me who you are"

"Very soon my friend"

I woke up sitting straight up Thalia had fallen asleep on my lap. I lifted her head and slipped out. I went onto the patio the crystal sun and changed colour from yellow to a white-blue. The ocean looked like it went on forever. The goblins had used some kind of messed up illusion magic to make an ocean underground. I went beack to my room and grabbed my book. I flipped to the page that could be useful to me, Thalia and Percy: The Manipulaion of Immortality and Styx Bathing. I didnt know what i would learn on this page all i know is that it would be very useful. I began reading the part on immortality. It was in english but in the corner it said This contribution is from: Achilles. I had know idea why he would know anything about immortality. I went back to the patio and sat down on a beach chair.

The only thing that can be manipulated when givin immortality is the physical age of that person. Even the gods hate having the same form forever. The way to make yourself look the age you wish you must forge a ille Murta mirror.

It had a diagram of the device it had a metal fram made out of sky steel, which is what my sowrd is made of. It had three peices of materials layered over each other one layer was a dragons eye lens, the second was a crystal disk from the mines of Borak Nun and the third was a peice of a orc skin. It seemed simple enough to build. I continued reading.

After the device is built hold the mirror infront of the Immortals face. dragon eye towards face and have sun light go through it. Your body will begin to age at the rate of a year every 10 minutes. Hold the mirror in place until you look the age you want. For this to work you must already be the age you wish to look. You can also make an immortal look younger by holding the mirror backwards and going through the process.

It seemed like an easy process i could make myself look as old or as young as i wanted. I would probibly do this when i was twenty or something. I could also use it to look younger for infaltrating places. The i heard someone behind me i tunered around to find Thalia wrapped in a blanket.

"what are you doing up babe?" She asked

"Couldent sleep"

I put the book on the chair next to me while Thalia came over and layed on top of me. She kissed me and fell asleep and i did too. Without any dreams to boot. The next morinig we got ready ASAP and went down to the lobby to find Freya. She was there at the front desk working.

"Freya we're going to work on our shop. Are the orcs organized"

"Yes my lord their already waiting"

"Thank you"

We walked across the street to find a group of about 10 orcs in a circle standing near a cart of constrution supplies. They were cheering on two orcs who were fighting. I turned to Thalia.

"Watch this"

The one problem with orcs is that they were created for fighting, so they only respect those who can fight. I pushed through the circle of green 7-foot tall monsters.

"Oy, git faces i aint paying you to fight im paying you to work"

I picked up the orcs by the backs of their necks and bashed their heads together and threw them into the cart.

"Any more snot 'eads want ta scrap"

They got the point and ran into a line. The leader steped forward he wore the classic orc outfit a crude looking tunic, leather boots and a scrape of metal for a shoulder pad.

"Sorry Boss, dey 'ere just fool'n around. We be ready ta work"

"You'd better be. I know you've all heard of me Im The Marauder. Me and Lady Stormstrike have come to get some more Iron Heads and we need this shop in tip top shape. Got it"

"Yes Boss!"

In the most unorganized way they stormed the cart taking everything including the cart itself. They ran into the shop and began working. Thalia came to my side.

"Wow. Thats one of the reasons i love you"

I gave her a hug and we began kissing when the orc leader came out.

"Oy, break it up, we needs some 'elp in here"

We broke our embrace and joined the orcs. By noon we had finished fixing up the building. It had new walls and windows, a registration desk and even a TV playing a constant stream of video from camp. In the middle of the one room building was a fighting mat for me to test any possiblt recruits. If it was someone who already had a history in battle their in, if not i got to test them. We had info packets and a big banner in the front of the shop that says: Join the New IronHeads and fight with the children of the Gods. When everything was in place we payed and thanked the orcs. They ran down the street like they were charging to battle. Me and Thalia sat in the chairs behind. By five-0-clock a few young creatures came in with giddy looks on their faces like they just saw their hero. Which i geuss they had. They came up to me and asked.

"Are you The Marauder?"


"Can we have your autograph?"

I signed their books and answered a few questions before they ran off. By half-after-eight we were about to call it a day when someone came in. It was the orc from my dreams. I was ready to fight just in case. He still had the cloak with his hood up and scraps of metal for armour. What was interesting was his belt it had a buckle with the old symbol of the Iron heads, a silver helmet with a triangle visor, only memebers of the iron heads had those. He lifted his head to show his face which i could never really see in my dreams. He had the rare v-shaped chin that only orcs with a bit of human in them had. He had three claw marks across his face and one of his ears were bitten off. I knew him It was: Brogg. My old captin. The one who held off a pack of wolfmen while i got away. The one who gave himself up for me.

Chapter 4: S.T.A.C.I

I stood in shock. Brogg had survived the wolfmen ambush. Thalia spoke.

"Have you come to join the Iron Heads?"

"Im already one"

She tugged on my arm she knew something was up.

"Marauder... who is this guy?"

"Thalia this is Brogg. My brother"

I jumped over the desk and gave Brogg a bear hug. I was so overjoyed to see him alive. I could feel the tears coming, He was alive. For the first time sence my was killed i began crying.

"Its alright, brother"

"I thought you were dead. The wolves, you told me to run"

"After you got away, i killed the last of those wolfmen. You were already long gone so i went back to our safe house and salvaged as much as i could"

I let go of Brogg and wiped my tears.

"How much did you save"

"Your knife claws, my gear and STACI's hard drive"

"You saved the last of STACI is she in hibernation?"

Thalia came between the two of us and looked at me like i was in trouble.

"Whos Stacy?"

"Shes a digital inteligence that i created if i ever needed help or advice id ask her. Brogg is she in hibernation mode"

"Yes, i havent activated her though so i dont know what shes thought of"

When i made STACI i added a hibernation protocall. So she could never be shut off she only goes into a state of inactivity where she ponders the world and designs stuff. Brogg turned from me to Thalia.

"Might i ask who you are, My dear?"

"Im Thalia Grace daughter of Zeus"

"A pleasure, ive heard a great deal about you. Are you two..."

"Yes we're together" i answered

"We have catching up to do. Lets go to my apartment"

We closed up the building and Brogg led us through the underground and to an apartment building made out of a grey pillar. I smelled his room before he opened the door it semlled like burnt ammo and corpses. But it looked worse than it smelled crates and buckets of who-knows-what were piled to the celing, mounds of bones were piled in corners, weapons were racked up against the walls and battle trophies were hung everywhere. It looked like a normal orc apartment.

"Sorry about the mess, i couldent stand out from the other orcs i would get noticed" said Brogg

"Wheres STACI?"

He pulled out the bottom crate from a pile and broke it open. he pulled out a dark silver and dull red box, we used those boxes in the old iron headst o keep our prize memories of our old life safe. It was a perfect place to keep STACI. He opened it with a gold key and pulled out two highly decorated wristbands and passed them to me. These were my knife claws made out of celestial bronze. I strapped them on and pressed the black jewel on each, a blade popped out of both. I had made these things for when I went undercover, they were small and deadly. I retracked the blades by pressing the jewel again. Brogg pulled out a jump drive that was splattered in blood.

"Here she is" He carefully passed me the drive like it was a living creature "Do you know where we can plug her in"

"When we get back to camp in a few days we'll plug her into my server"

"So you got to camp half-blood. how is it?"

We spent the night sharing what had happened over the last few years. I told him how i give elite demigods more advanced training. He told us about how he survived all these years. Brogg and Thalia seemed to become friends. It was a good night i had my brother back.

Chapter 5: Single Combat

Over the next few days in teh underground me, Brogg and Thalia were inseparable. We mostly spent our time in our recruitment building waiting for people to sign up and a day before we needed to leave still nothing, no recruits and nothing interesting. Until that night when we were about to close up a young elf came running into the shop. He slamed the door behind him completely terrified and shaking. He wore a ripped up white tunic and a golden mail kelt. I didnt like the elves very much but i wouldent do nothing if this kid was in danger. Thalia ran to him with a medical kit

"Are you okay?" asked "Their coming! The Blood Hornes! Their coming!

"Get him behind the desk. Me and Brogg will take care of this" i said

Thalia pulled the kid behind the desk. I had my knife claws and Brogg had a oversized battle cleaver (A/N: I would call it by its actual name: Choppa but then i would be breaking copyright laws, and im already cutting it close). We stepped out into the dark emty street our shop being the only sorce of light. I could smell what attacked that elf, but i couldent figure out what it was. I activated my claws and Brogg readied his cleaver. Then i heard hooves stomping on the cobblestone street. A huge herd of minotaurs came into the light surrounding us. All their hornes we painted blood red and they all wore mail tunics. There was no escape. The biggest one came forward he was even bigger than Brogg at least 8-feet tall. One of his eyes had been pulled out leaving a black hole and had two axes strapped to his back. He studied me like i was an alien.

"So your the Marauder. I exspected some one with your reputation to be well... older"

"Who are you?"

"Im Vorlog Bloodhorns. The leader of the blood horn gang, and i got a bone to pick with you. You hurt my calf real bad"

"He asked for it"

"And your getting it! Charge!"

The first two that charged me got celestial bronze knives in their heads. After the dust cleared three more charged me with clubs i jumped over them and slashed their backs with one swing. I saw Brogg holding on enemy in a head lock while crushing anothers head with his cleaver. I looked at what we were fighting while i broke a neck. We couldent take on all these minotaurs, Vorlog was standing in a sea of hornes, muscel and chainmail with his arms crossed like he was exspecting a challenge. If thats what he wanted i would give him one.

At the top of my lungs i screamed "I challenge Vorlog Bloodhorns to single unarmed combat"

The fighting stopped dead silent. He looked at me like i was an idiot. He wouldent refuse the challenge other wise he would look like a coward infront of his troops. I had never worried about that leading the iron heads becuase i had nothing more to prove to them. I had taking them in and raised them. I bet Vorlog had never earnt that kind of respect from his gang. He gave me his answer.

"I accept"

The herd of monsters gathered into a circle and lined the ring with torches. At each end of the ring sat two stools with a bottle of oil. After i stripped to my underwear, as did vorlog. Brogg coated my body in the warm oil, as did one of Vorlogs underlings. I studied my monsterous opponent i had a great disadvantage he was eight-feet tall, had meter long horns, thick brown hide and black claws. All i had was strength but no where near enough to best him, and the fact that he had lost his right eye. I just had to keep close to that side and i should be fine.

"Brogg make sure Thalia is safe, i dont want these beasts to find out shes here"

"Of corse brother"

I got off my stool and stood in the middle of the ring. Vorlog made me wait a good ten minutes before he got off his big furry butt.

"Terms?" i asked

"Submition or death!"

He tried a left hook but i ducked under his reach. When he realized that he failed his first attack he went for a downward crush i side-steped to his right side trying to stay out of his vision. I jumped grabbing his horn and swinging onto his back. The force sent him onto all-fours. He began bucking trying to throw me off. I held onto both his horns with all my strength. After few moments I got an idea I waited for the right time and i pulled on his head and flipped us. Vorlog landed on his gut with me holding his head in place with his horns.

"Submit Vorlog, dont be stupid!"


He swung his neck to the left sending me into the side of a torch winding me i brushed off some sparks and focused. I got up to find Vorlog charging me trying to impale me with his horns. My recklessness kicked in i charged back but not trying to hit him i slid between his legs and jumped onto his back again. I didnt hesitate i grabbed his horns and broke his neck with so much force that i broke off the tip of one of his horns. His body went limp. I stepped off his back and circled the ring of minotaurs who seemed bewildered by my strength and skill.

"Is there no one else!" I shouted "As of now you will no longer torment creatues who live in the underground you will flee into the everglades and never return"

The herd of monsters dissapeared into the darkness. I collasped from exhastion and passed out. All i remember is a feel of cold, dark and the warmth of someones body. When i woke up a girl with brown hair and grey eyes was dabbing a scrap i got on my brow with a cloth. I grabbed her wrist so fast she dropped it. I focused and gathered my mind into place I looked at the girl. It was Annabeth daughter of Athena she had dyed her hair brown (A/N: See what i did there awesome huh. Now the movie is sorta intergrated). I looked where i was i was back at camp in my cabin.

"Marauder, its me. You know Annabeth Chase"

"What happened?"

"After you killed that minotaur Thalia and the orc brought you to your hotel. Apparently that gang had been harassing everyone in the underground for a while. They were so thankful they gave you a Warp-Cycle. You guys warped back and told Chiron everything after he called me and Percy"

"Oh... I got a Warp-Cycle. awesome..."

I had always wanted a Warp-Cycle. Its just like a normal motorcycle except it can shadow travel once a night. it could be very useful for quick get-aways. I mustered all my strength and asked

"Are Thalia and Brogg okay?"

"They're fine. one question"


"Why the hell would you let an orc join the Iron Heads!"

"That orc is my brother, without him i wouldent be alive" I said weakly

"You sound like Percy when Tyson came here"

"Where is Seaweed Brain?"

"Everyone is at the big house. Come on"

She helped me into some cloths and we walked to the big house. It was a sunny day and the leaves had begun to fall.

"I see you dyed your hair. It looks nice"

"Umm... Thanks"

"So.. how are you and Percy doing?"

"Gods its been good. Percy and I are both doing really well in college. Oh and the hunters that stayed are also really happy to be back at school"

"Thats good. Did they come too?"

"No. but they do miss hunting"

"'l guess we need to go on some missions during winter break"

"That might be good for them"

By then we were at the Big house. It was good to be home we walked in to find Percy and Thalia watching TV and Brogg, Chiron and Mr. D playing cards.

"Gods its good to be home" I annouced

Chapter 6: The Hailbringer

"Marauder, my boy. How do you feel?" asked Chiron

"Like i just killed a minotaur with my bare hands"

I slumped onto couch and but my arm around Thalia and kissed her on the forhead. After a few minutes I turned to Percy

"Percy. didnt you kill The Minotaur?"

"Twice. The first time i used his own horn to kill. The second i pushed him off a bridge but that time i was armed"

"Atta boy"

I realized i had plucked off the tip of Vorlogs horn. I turned back to Thalia

"What happned to the horn i broke off"

"Its in your bag which is on your motorcycle"

After about an hour we were called to lunch. Even with barley any kids at camp we were still seperated to different tables me sitting with Chiron and Mr. D. Chiron had Brogg sit with us. As we ate Chiron spoke.

"So Marauder i see you at least got one recruit"

"Brogg is an old friend and a fierce fighter"

"I can tell. I dont think there has every been an orc here"

After lunch Brogg brought me to the garage where they had put my Warp-Cycle. He opened the door to show a black and silver motorcycle. It had high handles a low seat and the front wheel had magic runes scratched into the spindles. It radiated energy. My bag was sat on the seat. I slung it over my back and walked back to my cabin with my brother. He would be staying in my cabin until i set up a place for the rest of the IronHeads. When we got to my cabin Brogg spoke.

"Are we going to activate STACI?"

"Gods i almost forgot go get everyone. I want them to meet her"

Brogg ran out of the cabin causing a minor tremor with each step. I pulled out STACI's drive and stared at it. I would never tell anyone at camp this but STACI was once human she was also one of my closest friends. When she was on the verge of death from a serpent bite i used telepathy to pull her mind from her body and placed it into a computer drive with some magic and programming she was a computer system that i kept completely safe. The cool thing was that what i created for her was a digital world for her to keep her happy and ready for anything. I plugged the drive in and began the downloading sequence. It would take about ten minutes or so hopefully everyone would be here by then. when the downloading reached 89% a bunch of people came in. Chiron, Percy, Annabeth, Brogg and Thalia. I guess Brogg explained everything to them because they all took a seat trying to get a good veiw of the screen.

"So you created a digital intelligence system to help the Ironheads"


As it reached 99% I grabbed the mouse. When it got to 100% the window opened showing a roman villa where black haired girl about 13 years old was working on a design of some sort of weapon. She wore paint splattered clothes and had a bite mark on her forarm.


"Whoa!" she fell out of her chair and looked in our direction. "Marauder, its been along time. Where are we"

"Camp Half-Blood"

"Wow you actually got there. I knew you would"

I spent the next few mintues introducing everyone. Afterwords everyone left so it was just me and STACI catching up.

"So have you thought of anything?"

"Alot, first off seeing that you reformed the Ironheads with that Thalia girl my newest ideas will be very useful. Instead of having new recruits scavaging for armor and weaopns why dont we just give them a basic kit for them to upgrade as they wish"

She moved her hand across the screen and the designs for a simple breastplat with shoulder pads, simple shinpads and two greaves appeared. The brestplate mimiced mine but hand one belt going down the left right side of it.

"The belt is for rank, indentification and trophies you can also but your buckle there. Its made of titanium over ceramic. You should also give them a steel sword, a celestial bronze dagger and a Hyper rifle"

"A what?"

"Oh i forgot i hadnet given you those designs yet"
She waved her hand again and a seach engine appeared she ran her finger down to a fiel called weapons and tapped it. Another list opened as she looked for the right file i read the list: Hecate 200 blaster, Chimera class flamethrower. Then one caught my attention: The Hailbringer.

"Whats the Hailbringer"

She smiled

"Oh your gonna love this"

She tapped the file and the image of of a black heavy duty chaingun apperaed. (A/N: its looks like one of those clone Z-6 rotary cannon)

"The Hailbringer has lazer fire and is powered by two nuclear cells. The one problem is that it would create so much heat that only a cyclops could use it but i fixed that. It has four colling tanks filled with Stygian ice. It has a fireing rate of 180 rounds a minute, so 3 rounds a second"

"Awesome.. how long will it take to build"

"If we send the designes to Fox Creek about 2 months is you build it here a bit longer"

"Could you email the designs"

"Its already done"

Chapter 7: Everyone gets tipsy

Over the next week days i spent my time doing three things. One: building a two story cabin next to mine for the Ironheads. Two: working out weapons and armor with Thalia and STACI for the Ironheads and Three: spend time with my girlfriend. It was a good few weeks until the 31st.

On Halloween I left camp for the night without telling anyone. I wore my armor do to the fact that one of the spells written into my kevlar was a spell that only works on Halloween. I rode my Warp-cycle to a forest several miles from camp. Every year i had to do this i owed the spirits and gods for my fortune so every year when the mist was at its thinest. I preformed a summoning ritual so i could make a sacrifice. I made a fire and began chanting a spell to summon a minor demon. As the fire grew a form began to grow out of the fire. When a small biped lizard with red skin jumped out of the flames I grabbed its neck and snapped its spine. I pulled out my sword that i got form Ares and began carving its small body into a bloody mess. I pulled out its bones and bunrt the rest to give to all the gods both greek and other. I carved words into the bones and strung it into a neaklace. I held it above my head a shouted

"Gods and spirites of Earth and Heaven i have severed the greater good the best i could and i thank you for the fortune i have been given in recent months, I will continue to serve as long as i live"

I cast the bones into the fire and in an explotion of rainbow fire a could feel energy corse through my body. The spirites were pleased i had earnt respect and luck for another year. The i twig snapped. I turned around sword ready to find AJ standing there with a look of surprise on his face.

"AJ what are you doing here?"

"I had another bad dream. I saw you leave camp so i followed you"

"Its dangerous outside of camp"

"I still have your gift so how can i be in danger"

I had almost forgot about the armband i had given him. It almost made his training pointless. If he stopped following me at one point and he still wore the armband what would be the point of being at camp. The balance of the world needed demigods to be able to fight monsters if one had a way to evade that it would screw up everything. I cant belive i hadent thought of this earlier i guess the spirites were giving me a message.

"AJ when you turn 10 i will need that gift back"


"You like staying here at camp right?"

He nodded

"Well if you kept that armband forever you may be kicked out of camp. And you dont want that"

He pulled up his sleeve and began clawing at the armband.

"Get it off Marauder! I want it off!"

"Will you stop following me"


"Will you train hard and become a great hero"


I raised the sword and slashed of the armband. We warped back to camp and we went back to our cabins.

Over the next few days the construction of the Ironhead cabin began. Non demigod Ironheads would stay her otherwise they would stay at their designated cabin. It was two stories tall was made out of wood and steel and looked like it just crawled out of junkyard. The first story had two bunkers one for boys one for girls. The second story had an armory and two heavy duty lazer turrets. A computer mainfram controled the entire cabin which STACI and i controled. While i was setting up my armor into the armory my helmat started vibrating: i was getting a call. I slipped it on and pressed the botton on the side.


"Hi Marauder. Its Percy"

"Hi pal. How's it going"

"Good, Annabeth's school is having a party and would you and Thalia like to join us"

"I could use a break. We'll be there. When is it?"

"Tomarrow night. Oh and dont dress fancy"

"Thank Odin, I hate being in a monkey suit"

"I know right, I gotta go see ya tomarrow"

I pressed the hang-up botton and finished placing my armor. I went looking for Thalia who was at archery practice. As she shot a bulls-eye i put my hand on her shoulder. She jumped almost jumping out of her camp half-blood shirt.

"Sorry Thal"

"Its okay Babe."

She put her hand on my shoulders and gave me a peck on the cheek.

"Percy just gave me a call. How does a big college party sound?"

"That sounds awesome. But we look so young compared to everyone else"

"Who cares. If some idiot starts asking he'll get my boot up is a**"

The next evening me and Thalia got onto my Warp-Cycle and rode it to Percy's college. Annabeth had gotten into some high learning place so we had to get him. After picking him up we just warped to Annabeth's dorm. We found her waiting for us. She lead us to a bar where a bunch of college kids were acting like maniacs both inside and outside. We sat at the bar and hung out. We just talked about normal things, nothing about the gods or monsters. After about an hour everyone had a bit much to drink. Percy was the first to black out. Then Annabeth then Thalia. I had learnt the leasson of not over doing it years ago. After Percy came out of the bathroom from pukeing i senced something. Something bad. Three really big guys came into the bar. They looked like war they just came out of a war zone. Their clothes were ripped and their skin was covered burns. I couldent tell in they were monsters sence i was still human and couldent see through the mist. I leaned over to Thalia who was having a beer drinking contest with Annabeth.

"Thalia is it just me or do those guys seem weird?"

She tunred around to drunk to understand.

"Maybey.*hic* lets just have some fun"

when they came over to the bar i got ready to activate my knife claws which i had hidden under my sleeves.One turnned to me and gave me a scowl. I smelled fungis and burnt ammo and it was comming from them. My friends went onto the dance floor not realizing we might be in trouble. Two of the guys began creeping closer to them while the last one hadent taking his eyes off of me. I always acted with out thinking. So here it goes

"You want trouble man"

"No trouble just a scrap with some godlings"

"well im no godling"

"The we just be sraping then"

He grabbed his drink and smashed it aganist my head. It broke on impact and made me dazed. I activated my claws and dug them into his gut. He didnt turn to dust. There was only one kind of monster that was immune to celestial bronze: orcs. I retracted my blades and knocked him out by puching him in the face. I got off my seat and moved to my friends. I dragged them to the corner which they didnt like.

"You guys get a hold of yourselves"

"Why we're just having fun" said Annabeth

"Does the fact that a couple of orcs wanting ta scrap with you sound fun"

"Well no"

These guys were wasted i had to get them home. I dragged them to my Warp-cycle. There wasent enough room for me to get them home. I lead them to an alley and had them hide behind some trash cans. I know why bring them to a perfect ambush. I could take on thse orcs easily i just needed it to be away from the mortals. When they found us there were all three orcs there. They still looked human sence outside camp or a place like that i couldent see through the mist.

"Bring it ya snot 'ead grotz"

They charged me with axes. I activated my claws and charged back. The first orc went for a classic downward slask i kick him in the gut sending him into the one of the other. The one that wasent in the way got my blades in his shoulders imoblizing his arms. He woudlent quit orcs never do. His reaction was a knee in my gut that sent me into a trash can. I looked back at my friends they were rocking back and forth singing some song from camp. Note to self never let Thalia near more than a flask of Barak mead. I tunred back and just barley blocked an axe swing. I retailated by stabbin the guy in the temple killing him. He fell over and his body dizzolved into mushroom spores, and then into dust. I looked at the orcs that were left, one was curled up wimpering that he could no longer use his arms the other was dazzed from the kick. I went over to my friends who had passed out. I slung Thalia over my back and dragged Percy and Annabeth. I pulled them to my Warp-cycle I leaned Percy and Thalia against it and carried Annabeth to her dorm. I knocked on the door and a girl answered she looked confused that i looked only 16. It could also be my menacing green eyes which were supposed to be legendary.

"Annabeth had a bit much to drink"

"Oh put her on the couch"

I carried her in, layed her on the couch and ran back to the others. How would i get the others back i could only take one person. I saw a payphone and called camp. I told Chiron i needed a ride to get Percy home. After about 20 minutes a Pirus pulled up and a guy with salt-and-pepper in his 30s jumped out of the driver's seat. Im guessig he was Percy's stepdad. He ran over to Percy and felt is forhead.

"How much did he have?"

"about 8 beers"

"Thanks for taking care of him, mister.."

"Just call me Marek"

"How about i give you and Thalia a ride"

"What about my War.. motorcycle"

"Just strap it to the room"


Chapter 8: Supercommando monster slayer

By the time we got Percy and Thalia in the back seat and straped my Warp-Cycle to the room of his car it almost one-o-clock in the morning. After we dropped off Percy at his dorm his roommates took care of him. After we started driving he Spoke

"Where to?"

"Has Percy told you about camp"

"Half-blood i know all about that. You a demigod?"

"No im as mortal as you are. Im some supercommado monster slayer"

"Cool, so you train at camp with Percy"

"i train Percy"

"Really. What have you taught him"

"deamon slaying, advanced fighting styles and some other stuff"

"Cool so how long have you been at camp"

"Sence early August. I heard there was a war brewing and whats a war without me"

"You missed alot"

"You were there? Fighting?'

"Your mortal you know that we're not worthless in a demigod war"

"Ya, but i was trained alot longer and alot harrsher than most demigods and im not even fully human"

"Then what are you?"

"I was born human but i have orc in me but that just speeds up healing and makes me a bit stronger"


After we left the bright lights of the city he spoke again.

"Are you the Marauder?"


"So i have heard of you. Pecy told me and Sally alot about you"

Over the next hour we had a intelligent conversation about camp and the world of the gods. He seemed like a cool. When we got to camp I sat Thalia on my Warp-Cycle and tried to keep her balanced.

"Thanks for the ride uhh.."


"Thanks for the ride Paul"

"Your welcome. You take care now"

He drove off while i pushed the Warp-Cycle up the hill. When we got to the cabins I layed Thalia in a bunk and placed a bucket next to her just in case. I went back to my cabin and passed out in seconds.

The next morning i gathered some potion stuff , placed it in a metal case very carfully and walked to the Zeus cabin. As i passed the arena i saw Brogg finishing up teaching some campers some swordplay. Until summer Chiron gave Brogg some jobs mainly just teaching armed and unarmed fighting. When i got to the Zeus cabin i found Thalia awake and as green as a river troll. She was hunched over the bucket, she looked awful.

"And... what have we learnt?"

"Too much alcohole equels a bad hangover"

"Atta girl"

I got to work on a tonic on a dresser. As i created a puff of smoke in a flask, Thalia puked in the bucket. I finished the tonic and poured it in a glass tube. I sat down at her feet and passed it to Thalia.

"Drink this"

She chugged it down and the green left her face.

"Thanks babe"

I leaned in and kissed her on the forhead.

"You get some rest now i'll come back in a few hours."

She went back to sleep and i left. I was on stable duty this morning. When i passed the arena again i saw that Brogg was done teaching and was talking to a dryad. I recognized the dryad she was the one that had helped me when i was getting hunted by the hunters. As i waked down the steps they began kissing. I froze in confusion.


He realized that i was here and ran up to me and stood in a military stance. He stood with a worried look on his face. The dryad coward behind him. I spoke first

"At ease soilder"

He relaxed and the worry increased in his face.

"Might i have an explenation. Captin?"

"I have fallen in love Commander. I have fallen in love with Lily Everheart"

"When did this happen?"

"The day we got here i went exploring through the forest, I found her in a clearing and my heart skipped a beat. I didnt know how you would react. So we met in secret"

"Is that it? you found love, do you know how revalotionary this is. Your the first orc to get a girl"

"Thats not all I wish to make her my brood-mate. We would like your blessing"

"Brother, you have my blessing. But first i wish to meet your beloved"

He stepped to the side and the elf-like, green skined girl stepped forward. She had a green dress with leaf designes all over the rim.

"Miss Everheart. Do you love my brother"

"Yes, i do .I have met many satyrs, gods and demigods. But he is the first i truely love."

"Good. When would you two like the cerimony to happen"

"As soon as possible": said Brogg

"How about the first of December when the snow falls?"

"Thank you brother"

After i finished cleaning the stables i went back to Thalia to cheak up on her. She was wide awake and looked like a goddess. After told her about Brogg and Lily she tackled me into a bunk and kissed me.

"I love you Marek. Dont you forget it"

"I love you too"

We made out on a bunk for another few minutes. When she got off of me we went to my cabin to continue working on the Ironhead's gear.

The End

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