This is a continuation of A Dark Sky rated PG

I perfer a sword to a knife, but these days a sword is hard to come by. Yeah, I know your probably wondering why I didn't take the guards sword.The anwser there's some kind of dark magic on them. I should know being a son of Thorden, He's the son of Hecate and Hades. Note: This is not a real god. You can look Thorden up not there. I heard them before I saw them five hell-hounds burst from the brush around me. They growled and snappd at me, I drew my knifes and took a fighting stance. A volly of arrows salled from all derections. The hell-hounds turned to dust before my eyes. sveral teens in camo jumped from the trees about seven in all. "Come with us." was all they said before they ran off from where they had come. I followed not as fast but at a good rate. I arived at their "camp". A shaby, rust covered trailer sat a one end of the camp and about ten tents where set up all around. "Over here!" a boy yelled. Everybody there shot me suspicious looks.

"I'm Aron." The boy said with a cold smille. "I have to take your wepons before you can go in." I handed over my knifes and he lead me in to the trailer.

To be continued in The Trailer

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