Aaron Jared Dwayne
Angel Boy
I am the Oath Breaker
Son of Styx
River Boy
Assasin of Hades
Vital Statistics
Date of Birth July 12th
Current age 17 (Turned Immortal by Hades)
Gender Male
Family Jessie Dwayne (Father)

Styx (Mother)

Status Alive
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Black with White Streaks
Height Tall
Alias The Son of the River
Affiliation Camp Half-Blood


Weapons Monachikó̱s (Loner)
Species Demigod
Home Camp Half-Blood
Appearances None
Quests None

Son of Styx, Goddess of the River Styx and Jessie Dwayne.


Aaron was born in the underworld in the River Styx. His father is presumed to be dead while bathing in the river Styx, causing his mortal soul to be utterly obliterated. But miraculously, his soul didn't get fully obliterated. He was turned into a baby, a beautiful baby whom Styx was very fond of.

She used her powers to transport Aaron to Camp Half-Blood where he was raised by Chiron and placed in Cabin 11 with the Herme's kids until he turned 13.

He was claimed during a training fight against a monster, when he killed it a shimmering black river with a lock and skull above it, everyone began to fear him because, being a Child of the Great River of the Underworld, he can not be held by any oath.

He journeyed to the Underworld where he first met his mother and she explained the reasons for his birth.

He was then enslaved by Hades and became a Assasin for Hades, killing monsters that got out of line.


Jet black, untidy hair with faint white streaks, he has grass green eyes and pale white skin which is cold to the touch. He mostly wears dark clothing, a black/grey leather jacket which was a gift from his mother, a black t shirt and black jeans, combat boots or sneakers and he also carries around a locket which was with him from the moment he was born, it belonged to his father.

Most girls find him attractive, describing him as having a perfect jawline, pale skin like the first sheet of snow on the first morning of winter and having lush hair and irresistable green eyes.

Fatal Flaw

He thinks that he can do everything alone, that if anyone is around him will get hurt because of him.


Aaron is a loner, prefers to stay by himself, he is kind and caring to his friends but if anyone betrays him or hurts someone he loves they face dire concequences.

He often finds his feelings confused, often describing it as a gut retching feeling and his head throbs as if it had been hit with a baseball bat.


  • Hydrokinesis - Power of water since he the son of a river god
  • Umrakinesis - Power over darkness
  • Excellent Sword fighter
  • Can break any oath, even the River Styx oath because Styx is his mother
  • Very atheltic
  • He is farely strong


Used a old bronze sword before he met his mom, she gave him a pure stygian iron double edged sword which she called Monachikó̱s, Ancient Greek for Loner.