The death of Henry Ford is a terrible mark among the history of the Olympians. The Olympians found out that Henry Ford was guarding the scythe of Kronos. The Olympians thought that only immortals should have access to weapons, and they hated the fact that a mortal was on their enemy's side. Especially Zeus, and so Zeus called upon Poseidon and Artemis to help him kill Kira's father. After they killed Kira's father, they set traps on the house. Every inch of it. They enchanted Kira's dad's skeleton so it would lead any member of the Titan army to heir doom. They also covered every inch of the place with REAL skeletons of praetors and other people dying gruesome deaths. If that didn't work, then they would trap the people intruding by tying them up with magic ropes and sending Artemis to finish them off with her evil orbs. There are two trapdoors in the house, one leading from Camp Jupiter to the house, and another one leading from the house to Mount Othrys.

Kira and Alabaster's 1st visit

Kira and Alabaster went to Kira's house because they wanted to explore the house. When they had to split up, Kira kissed Alabaster on the lips, which he returned, his arms around her waist, hers around his neck. After about a minute, they broke apart and headed in separate floors of the house.

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