Adam Maxwell Castellan (born July 13, 2015) is a quarter-blood son of Thalia Castellan (nee Grace) and Luke Castellan.

Happy Endings Only Happen In Fairytales.

Adam is mentioned, but at the end plays a more major role.

Lost Out In The Rain.

In the sequel, Adam is mentioned as a babysitter for Amberlynn's children. He is later pushed by Vianna towards Amberlynn., making them kiss. He tries asking her out but she tells him she'll think.


Adam is quite special when it comes to appearance. His hair may be black but it has a few brown streaks in it. His skin is pale, like his fathers and he never tries tanning because he burns too easily. His eyes used to be two different colours, one ice-blue and the other storm blue-green. They've now both settled on stormy-ice blue.


Being a grandson of Hermes, Adam is a kleptomaniac. He likes to steal but limits himself to men. He always acts gentlemanly towards women. He is nice and very gentle to those he loves. He can be too trusting in some people and become attached.

Known Family.

  • Thalia Castellan, Mother.
  • Luke Castellan, Father.
  • May Castellan, Younger Sister.
  • Zeus, Maternal Grandfather.
  • Mrs. Grace, Maternal Grandmother, Deceased.
  • Hermes, Paternal Grandfather.
  • May Castellan, Paternal Grandmother, Most Likely Deceased.
  • Any Relatives of Zeus and Hermes are related to him.

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