Adamastos Kerauno.

Adamastos Kerauno (literally: Untameable Lightning) was the symbol of Aello's Power and his primary Godly Weapon as of the Wrath of the Usurped series, Adamastos Kerauno was forged specifically to content with the Master Bolt wielded by Zeus and therefore it has enough power to compete and negate with the Bolt, Aello can concentrate massive energy through the weapon which allow him to create devastating sword strikes or the energy concentrated from the handle down to blade-tip would launch itself as a devestatingly Powerful Spear of Pure Lightning - a literal Lightning Bolt to smite one's enemies.


Adamastos Kerauno was sword of immense power that could aid Aello in channeling his powers over the sky immensely to match that of his father and his own Symbol of Power: the Master Bolt, Adamastos Kerauno could easily be manipulated between a hand-sized cylindrical state when inactive and its bladed mode when in combat thus its use was rather flexible allowing Aello to surprise his enemies with a sudden and unexpected attack, it was in fact contrasted with the larger Greek Sword and Dagger that Aello wielded when he was still a human Demi-God with the dagger being smaller than the sealed state but the Greek Sword being larger than the Symbol of Power.

Adamastos Kerauno was in fact quite similar to that of Megas Drepanon in the fact that lesser Gods and Immortals had to fear for their lives around the active weapon while the fate of Weapon and God were bound to each others existence stopping them from fully fading, it could produce a Lightning Bolt of concentrated energy on par of a Master Bolt manifested Nuclear blast which was the common equivalent of the Master Bolt's destructive power, it has no hand guard but rather it is thin to be swift and quick with the gauntlet armour of the Armour of the Sun making up for the lack of defense.

Another devastating ability that it has was the ability to channel energy through the blade in which caused most weapons, that were either not ranged or did not have conductive materials in their weapon or handle, to violently shock their wielders from the gathered static electricity and kinetic energy.



  • Adamastos and Kerauno in Greek do actually mean Untameable and Lightning.

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