Adees avatar
Gladys "Adees" Barrios (born February 20, 1995) a demigod daughter of Aphrodite.Unlike the other daughter of Aphrodite, she is nice and not very vain because her father raised her well.She came with her friends to Camp Half Blood to train.
Name Adees Barrios
Cabin 10

Weapon of Choice

A short sword made of celestial bronze, a ring that can transform into a shield and reform back.
Age 15
Hair Colour Brown
Eye Colour Black
Birthday February 20, 1995

The Prophecy begins....





Adees can enchant men when she walks.

She also has magical control over clothes, hair, make-up and jewelry.

Minor degree of love magic.

All of Aphrodite's child are expert in pegasi riding.


Iaa Castañeda- daughter of Athena, she is one of her close friends.They met in school and became friends.

Paolo Brandes- son of Apollo, he is also her friend.He is also a classmate of her.

April Pulusan- daughter of Demeter, she is sometimes moody but she really is happy person.

Atissa Cruz- daughter of Morpheus, she is the jokester of the group.A cfriend and classmate of Adees.

Chielou Alviar- daughter of Dionysus, she is chubby and bubbly friend of Adees.



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