Adriano Firenze is a son of Asklepius who appears as the main character of Adriano Firenze and the Titan War by DarkCyberWolf.


A satyr named Grace finds Adriano and rescues him from a Canadian. Adriano went to Camp Half-Blood after finding out his father was Asklepius. Just after Percy and Annabeth found the entrance to the Labyrinth, Adriano had gotten an Iris message from his father, who convinced Adriano to switch to the Titans' side. He did so. He was the one who Percy warned to get the Tartarus off of the Princess Andromeda, and he told the other demigods to do so as well. He died fighting Luke and the Minotaur, but he used his powers (Asklepius is god of healing) to free Luke from Kronos's control. He went to the Underworld and got Asphodel.


Adriano succumbs very easily to others' thoughts and ideas, this may be his fatal flaw.


Adriano can heal people. That's it.


Analise is Adriano's younger half-sister. He saved her aboard the Princess Andromeda.


Adriano was created for the Wiki Awards of August 2012.

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