Box and ClipA
My name is Adrienne Martin. When I was seven my life turned upside down. My mother Bella died of a brain tumor. I never knew my father; when I asked my mother said, "Mon Cherie he is in the underworld, but you will meet him soon." We lived outside the city in a big house that my mother had lived in when she came to America. My mother grew up in France but moved to Boston when she was eleven. She then pulled out a box from under her bed, it was small and plated gold .When she opened the lid I was expecting a tiara or something else extravagant, but at the bottom all there was, was a barrette. The barrette was made of black wood and in the middle was an emerald as big as a quarter. "This" She said "is a present from your father, he said it will be yours when the time comes"

"How will I know?" I asked my eyes fixed on the ruby. "You will know" she replied then she put the box away. Three months later she was gone. The child services took me to my aunt. When they showed up she looked at me disgusted "I can't pay for another child, take her away from me!" then they mentioned the money, the house and everything else I inherited. My Aunts eyes shone with greed. They moved into house, My Aunt Melanie and her daughters Marcel and Marin. Marin got my room and I got the attic. Before they arrived I ran upstairs and retrieved my mother’s box. I hid it behind a panel in the attic. That was the only thing I was able to save.


The Evil Aunt and The Stupid Cousins

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