Aerrow Artemis White (born December 21, 2010) is a demigod son of Khione.


What Have I Lost?

He is sent on a quest. He gets attacked by a Laistrygonian giant and receives amnesia.

He develops feelings for a daughter of Hades named Sally, but part of his memories is triggered.


He normally has light blonde hair, but he dyed it blue. He has blue-gray eyes and pale skin. He is 6'1 feet tall and weighs 159 lbs.


He was very angsty and had very few friends. When bullied, he was icy and not compassionate, like his namesake, Artemis Fowl. After getting amnesia, he became curious and playful, but with a dark side.

Theme Songs

  • Gravity Hurts by Cryoshell
  • Closer To The Truth - Cryoshell


  • Snow control
  • Ice control
  • Climate control


  • Khione (Mother)
  • Other children of Khione (Half-siblings)
  • Other relatives of Khione (Relatives)

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