Alec M

Alec Jason Marksman (born November 2, 1994) is a currently unclaimed demigod.

Looking Out The Back Door.

Alec plays a major role in this fanfiction and gets attacked by his a Fury on his way home from school.

Once he gets home he has an interrupted talk with his mother. He and his sister Leigh are forced to go sit out in the car to wait for their mother and Chris.

After a few minutes of waiting, Alec's passenger door is punched out my a monster.


Alec is said to have his mother's eyes. His eyes are a dark shade of chocolate brown, so if we're getting poetic, they're dark mocha brown. His hair is a dark shade of brown, a trait from his unknown father. He has fairly pale skin and wears near Gothic clothing. He is fairly tall coming in at 5'7 and weighs 130 lbs.


No one knows much about Alec. He is very quiet and keeps to himself all the time. He's shy and has SAD (social anxiety disorder). He is fairly depressed and tends to blame all his problems on other people.

Known Family.


  • Alec's middle name is after Jason the hero, from the Greek Myths.

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