Alex is one of the main characters in The Unveiling. He is a son of Theia.


Alex is quite an average beach-boy. He loves surfing, tanned girls and skateboarding.

Alex has a sense of humour but not sarcasm. He enjoys cracking jokes in the most unbelievable conditions and his way of hiding his pain is through puns and smiles. While Alex seems like a playboy, he is actually very loyal to his friends and girlfriend. He flirts and compliments any girl which is proven useful in some situations but annoying in others.

Alex has a free-spirit and hates obeying the rules. He likes doing what he wants, even if it is above the law. Alex is very energetic and quirky. He doesn't show his hurt by crying or being quiet but instead, uses his brown eyes which express his feelings. He also has certain things like rubbing the back of his palm when he is angry.


Screen Shot 2012-11-10 at 8.53.29 AM

Alex has blonde-golden hair which is below his ears but not that long. He has a black string necklace and anklet made by his father who he loves very much. Unfortunately, his father dies in The Unveiling.

Alex has brown eyes which are described as 'bright, bubbly and over expressive'. He is not too tall but not too short at 5'10. His skin is tanned and he loves wearing cut-off t-shirts and boardshorts. He hates tuxedos after an embarassing dance in highschool. Alex is sixteen, like Fayeria.


In The Unveiling, Alex has a close sibling bond with [[Fayeria.

In The Unveiling, Alex is in love with Poppy.

In The Unveiling, Alex is jealous and only just accepts Nic Celestial.

In The Unveiling, Alex flirts but is only friends with Sasha.

In The Unveiling, Alex feels betrayed by Matt Miller but is convinced he is still good.



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