Alex Stuart, Son of Phanes

Son of Protengai God Phanes, God of Creation and Sally Stuart


Lived in Brooklyn for 14 years till his mother sent him off to boarding school to protect herself from Monster he might attract since he is the son of a super powerful Protengai God.

During his year at boarding school he didn't know that he was in fact going out with a monster that wanted him dead.

A Empousai

When he found out he ran out of the boarding school, followed by the empousai, and came to Half-Blood Hill where he fought the Empousai and killed her with his bear hands.


Even though he had a tormented past he hides it with his big sense of humor, making jokes at the most inappropriate time.

He is charming and girls do like him alot but ever since his "relationship" with a monster that wanted to eat him his relationship life has vanished

Slasher, Alex's sword and first creation


With his powers he created a sword made of imperial gold fused with celestial bronze which he called Slasher


  • Is great at sword fighting
  • Can make anything appear if he concentrates (usually uses it in the forges)
  • Can cheer anyone up with his humor
  • Can charm any girl but prefers not too

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