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Alexandria "Alex" Healy is a daughter of Khione.

Alexandria Healy
Daughter of Khione
Vital Statistics
Date of Birth January 18
Current age 15/16
Gender Female
Family Khione-Mother

David Healy-Father

Marilyn Healy-2nd Cousin

Status Alive
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Red
Height 5'2 1/2
Alias Alex, Lexi
Affiliation The Questing Organization
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Species Greek Demigod
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Appearances None
Quests None


Alex has naturally orange-red colored, straight hair and icy blue eyes. She has fair, pale skin with a few freckles. She is about 5'2.


To anyone else, Alex is very rebellious, high spirited, and outgoing; the kind of person who could lead a group or take over a project, or easily take care of a problem by herself. She rarely lets other people help her, and if they do, she likes to do most of it herself.

If put under great stress or responsiblilty, Alex will be nervous and even a little scared, depending on the situation, but she doesn't show it, keeping those types of feelings to herself.

However, Alex can be very sad or moody at times. This often happens when she is in a warmer climate or area, but not always. She doesn't usually show this, though.


David Healy and Khione met in Canada when he was on a trip from Ireland. They spent about a week together, before he had to return. A few months later Khione showed up during a blizzard with a baby girl, Alex, and disappeared quickly afterwards.

Alex lived in Ireland until she was seven, when her father was killed in a drive by shooting. She was then sent to live in Louisiana with her father's cousin Marilyn, who happily welcomed Alex, but was unsure of herself, as she had never had children. But because of the hot climate and her mother being the goddess of snow, she was often sick and, on several occasions, was sent to the hospital because of the heat. By the time she was ten they moved north to Minnesota because of her health and the huge medical bills, but Marilyn seemed to distance herself from Alex, wishing they had been able to stay.

Eventually Alex grew fed up with Marilyn and the hot summers that came despite the cold winters, and ran away at thirteen. Though confused on where to go, as she did not have the funds or ability to go so far north as to escape any warm weather, she met her mother, who told her about her parentage, and gave her an enchanted necklace that allowed her to stay cool in hot weather when she wore it. Khione then directed her daughter to Fairbanks, Alaska, where Alex then lived until she joined The Questing Organization.

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