Alexia Branson
Alexia branson
Daughter of Heracles
Vital Statistics
Date of Birth 10/13/95
Current age 16
Gender Female
Family Heracles (Father)

Mrs. Branson (Mother)

Status Alive
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Blonde
Height {{{height}}}
Alias {{{alias}}}
Affiliation Miles Westen
Weapons Fist
Species Demigod
Home Camp Half-Blood
Appearances The Dark Storm Awakening
Quest For The Lost Scythe
Quests Quest Into Tartarus
Quest For The Lost Scythe

 Alexia Branson is the daughter of Heracles (Hercules). She is one of the Demigod Three and a main character of The Corvin Series.


Alexia was born to Heracles and Maria Branson.  Maria was a  bocer that specialised in several different types of close combat. Maria was an alcoholic and a very abusive mother to Alexia. Alexia hated and feared her mother for a long time. One night when she was 13 years old, her mother tried to beat her but Alexia , who didn't know her strenght at th e time pushed her through a wall. Afterwards she ran away from home moving from place to place. One night she met Miles Westen who told her that she was a demigod and so was he. The two stayed together and they found another demigod named Clint Chaser and they formed the Demigod Three.

The Corvin Series

The Dark Storm Awakening

She first appeared in the airport to along with Miles and Clint to save Silas and Claudia. Miles explained to Silas and Claudia that some guy in Bermudan shorts and a Hawaiian shirt told them to save tham. When they arrived back at camp Miles explained to Chiron how they found Silas and Claudia. When Claudia comes back with a prophecy from Rachael, she goes because Miles wants her and Clint to join him. When they arrived in the Underworld they were attacked by the furies. Together she and Claudia was able to defeat one of the furies but it was sent away by Nico. When they were given permission into Tartarus she and the others jumped inside the pit. Inside Tartarus she and the others were captured by Oceanus and the Makhai. They were lead to the pit where Ouranos' soul was residing in. When the fighting started she and Claudia went to free Quintus. When she ripped open the cage that Quintus was in, her strength began to fade due to the power of the cage. After freeing Quintus she had to carry Triton while the others had to create a path. After they escaped Tartarus she promised to help the others defeat Ouranos.

Quest For The Lost Scythe



  • Super Strength: She has extreme levels of strength. The limits of her strength aren't known but she can lift and subdue large opponents, such as the giant storm spirits created by Ouranos.
  • Hand to Hand Combat: She is extremely skilled in close combat. Her close combat skills comined with her strength makes her a pwerful foe for her enemies.

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