Alice Jackson

Alice Sophie Jackson is a 12 year old daughter of Percy and Annabeth Jackson (maiden name: Chase). She lives in Colorado with her brother, Mitch

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Alice Jackson, is a 12 year old girl that attends Maplewood Middle School in Longmont, Colorado. She has ADHD and dyslexia like most quarter bloods. Being the daughter of two half bloods also made her loose the ability to control anger when she needs to most, have a weak mind at unessicary and random times, and be forgetful. She plays softball so she is strong. She loves the water and the summer time and she loves to build stuff. She lives with her 19 year old brother, Mitch Jackson, who goes to Colorado University College (CU) which causes Alice to be alone a lot. She hangs out with the skaters in her school. She doesnt think she's cool, she thinks shes the exact oppisite. Shes good natured and, like her father, will go to unnesicary measures to help her friends. She has a love/hate relationship with Sam Tierney, a boy a year older than her who's in the 8th grade. (Alice is in the 7th.) Her life is average but it all gets turned around one day in class.

I will begin the story tomorrow.

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