Crackfic about Alice the pregnant fifteen-year-old on a bus. Read Alice first. One-shot. Rated T for suggestive themes, sexual humor, and teen pregnancy. Sparrowsong 07:33, February 14, 2010 (UTC)

Chapter One

Alice got on the bus. There were some rather awkward signs on the bus.

She gulped, put a hand on her pregnant tummy, and sat down.

She looked up and saw that she was sitting under a sign that read "THE DOUBLEMINT TWINS ARE COMING." She got slightly uncomfortable, and moved.

For a minute, Alice just sat on the bus and read. Then she noticed other passengers giggling at her, and looked up.

She struggled, narrowing her chocolate-colored, dyslexic eyes. She finally made out "JACOB'S LINIMENT WILL REDUCE THE SWELLING."

The blonde-haired girl nervously giggled, got up, and sat near the back.

The elderly female passenger across from Alice laughed out loud. When she looked up, she saw a sight that made her blush beet-red.

It was a deodorant advertisement. As the letters were quite big, Alice could easily read it.

"LUKE'S BIG STICK DID THE TRICK" it said. The right name and everything.

She sat down again. The nearby passengers nearly peed their pants.

What did this unfortunate sign say, you ask?


At that point, Alice ran off the bus crying.

The End

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