Alice Ryans (born August 23rd, 1995) is the demigoddess daughter of Apollo.



Iceus Drake and Aeolus' Staff

She is one of Iceus' best friends, and helps him on his quest. She becomes saddened by the death of Siry, and is thus kissed by Iceus.

She later beomes Iceus' girlfriend.

Love has Consequences

She finds out that she is pregnant with Iceus' kid. She also tells the story. She often is shown angry at Draco. She finds out that she will have a baby boy. They name it Siry Alder Drake.

She and Iceus get married and she gives birth to Siry.


Alice has brown eyes, blond hair, and Caucasian skin. She is 5'9 and weighs 139 pounds. However, her pregnancy will cause her to gain weight.


She is kind, gentle, and caring. She will protect her friends no matter what, and grieves for them if they die. However, her pregnancy is causing her to have mood swings. She has a fierce rivalry with her friend Draco Aarons.

Theme Songs

  • Love Story - Taylor Swift


  • Manipulating light
  • Excellent archer
  • Can curse others into rhyming

Relatives & Relations

  • Apollo (Father)
  • Iceus Drake (Husband)
  • Siry Alder Drake (Son)
  • Other children of Apollo (Half-siblings)
  • Other relatives of Apollo (Relatives)

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