Allen Strife
I Don't Miss
Son of Apollo
Vital Statistics
Date of Birth 30 June 2066
Current age 16
Gender Male
Family Apollo(Father)

Nora Strife(Mother)

Status Alive
Eye Color Hazel/Gold/Ember
Hair Color Sandy-blonde
Height 5'5
Alias Al
Affiliation Olympians

Brooklyn Branch

Weapons Bow and Arrow
Species Demigod/1st-Generation Demigod
Home Brooklyn
Appearances Order and Chaos
Quests None

Basic Info:

Allen Strife, born to Nora Strife and Apollo, is one of the last few 1st Generation demigods in the Dark Future Series.


Befriending a young Trip by beating up a bully that was harassing her, Allen would grow up to be her best friend and companion. 

They would become nearly unseperable, spending a lot of time together as kids and teenagers, even going to the same school together.

He was assigned to the Brooklyn Branch, along with Lionel, Linda and Archie, Flinn Miles being the only adult within the branch.


Lionel is described to have blonde hair though was much more of a sandy colour, the cross between brown and blonde. His eyes were brown with a hint of gold in them, closely resembling the colour amber. Allen was much more slender and skinny, though still completely athletic and ripped.


Allen is shown to be funny and friendly, much more approachable, friendly, kind and supportive. He liked to make jokes and kept people smiling. He would be there when you need a listening ear or a shoulder to cry on.

Though friendly, Allen is not a pacifist and will fight if he needs to. 

Allen holds Trip in high regard and hates hurting her and will hurt anyone who hurts her. It is hinted that Allen does in fact harbour romantic feelings for Trip, which so far is unrequited.


Scan: An ability more common amongst the new demigods, Allen has the ability to differenciate humans from monsters. 

Dead-Eye: Lionel cannot miss. Most of his shots are perfect and will land his shot most of the time. However people can still dodge the arrows if they react fast enough. 


Bow Proficiency: Being a child of Apollo and his Dead-Eye ability, Allen is extremely proficient with a bow and is considered the best shot after Chiron. 

Free-Running: Allen is shown to be agile and skilled in free-running. Climbing up places to reach a vantage point. 

Weapons/Magical Items:

Bow: Allen's personal weapon which is uses with amazing proficiency. 

Fatal Flaw:

Personal Loyalty: Allen is too loyal to his friends (mainly Trip) and would give up a lot to protect her. 


Patricia Miles: Allen's best friend and companion. He is often by her side and holds her in high regard. 

Lionel FlintAllen's partner and friend, they function almost flawlessly in battle. 

Flinn MilesThough Allen harbours no ill feelings towards Trip's father, Allen understands that Flinn prefers Lionel over him and more or dislikes that. 


Christopher Fauns~Arrow of Nyx 14:36, November 8, 2012 (UTC)

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