Alyssa Claire Newman
Alyssa "Allie" Newman
Daughter of Hades
"Aphrodite Adopted"
Savior of the Gods
Vital Statistics
Date of Birth May 23rd
Current age 12
Gender female
Family Hades (father)

Alex Newman(twin brother)

Emma Newman(two year old sister)

Danae Newman (six year old sister)

Wendy Newman-Ross (mother)

George Ross (stepfather)

Status alive
Eye Color green
Hair Color brown
Height 4.11"
Alias {{{alias}}}
Affiliation Camp Half Blood, the Maidens of Hades
Weapons celestial bronze sword "Deathweaver"
Species demigod
Home Camp Half Blood
Appearances You Can't be a Daughter of Hades!
Quests None

Alyssa Claire Newman (better known as Allie) is a 12 year old daughter of Hades, who acts more like a daughter of Aphrodite. She is from California, but was brought to Camp Half Blood by another demigod (and fellow daughter of Hades) Danielle Clarke. Her glamerous personality causes her cabinmates to believe that Hades claimed her by accident, but she is soon proved to be a pure blood daughter of the underworld god.

Her twin brother Alex is a son of Hades, her sister Danae is a daughter of Apollo and her other sister Emma is a daughter of Ares.

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