Almira Flare
Daughter of Nyx
Vital Statistics
Date of Birth March 13 1354
Current age 16
Gender Female
Family unknown
Status Alive
Eye Color brown
Hair Color black
Height 5'4"
Alias Minami
Affiliation Dark Circle
Weapons fencing sword
Species demigod
Home {{{home}}}
Appearances None
Quests None

"I believe that each and everyone of us are gifted in our own ways."


Almira was born in the year 1354, she had a brother and lived happily with her mother and father. That was until they were killed by the villagers claiming that they were a family of witches.  A son of Chronos found her and offered to save her. Almira agreed and the son of Chronos put her in a time cage.


When Almira was born her heart wasn't beating, but her mother prayed to Nyx and Nyx gave life to Almira but her mother's dna was destroyed, she was given powers the same as those of Nyx's daughters. 


When Almira was young she was always bitter and angry at anyone who talks to her but after her parents were killed, she began to look at things differently. She wanted to live her life happily, she wanted to survive and have a family of her own. so a few hundred years later when someone saved her from the time cage she changed her attitude, she became cheerful, optimistic and stubborn. She wanted everything to go according to her plan and make sure everyone is happy.

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