Amalia Ingard


Amalia Ingard
Amalia ingard 2
Daughter of Thor
Vital Statistics
Date of Birth unknown
Current age 14
Gender female
Family Jania Ingard (mother)

Thor (father)

Status alive
Eye Color grey
Hair Color brown
Height 5'0
Alias Lia
Affiliation Camp Valaskjalf
Weapons bow and arrow, dagger
Species Norse Demigod
Home Camp Valaskjalf
Appearances Child of the Norse
Quests none
Amalia Ingard is the Norse daughter of Thor and Jania Ingard. She has brown hair and grey eyes . She has a silver bow and arrow. She also uses a dagger.

Amalia and Odin


Amalia in the camp shirt

Friends and Family

Jania Ingard- mother

Thor- father

Thor (he stole Herme's hat!)

Olaf Undalun- friend, demigod

Kody- friend, daughter of Loki

Aliv- friend, daughter of Bragi

Olik- friend, son of Aegir


Amalia has brown hair and grey eyes. She has fair skin and full lips. She has a few freckles scattered around her face.


Amalia is very hostile to strangers but to people she trusts, she will be warm and friendly.


Amalia uses a silver bow and a quiver of arrows. When she has to do close ranged attack, she uses a dagger from her dead mother.
Amalia's silver bow and arrow

Silver bow and arrows

Amalia's dagger

Amalia's dagger from her mother


1. She always wears a jacket, because it's cold where she lives.

2. Her favorite color is silver.

3. She likes to read books.

4. Amalia likes watching TV, and her favorite shows are Shake It Up, MAD, and Fairly Odd Parents.

5. Amalia likes to dance.

6. Her theme song is Shake it up by Selena Gomez

7. At Camp V, she rides a black clydesdale named Angus.


8. She has a dog named Odin.
Amalia's dog, Odin

Amalia's dog, Odin

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